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September 2, 2005
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More BBC Radio Coverage for BookCrossing in the UK

BBC Radio Shropshire are to cover BookCrossing for 45 minutes on a live show this Friday, September 2, in the morning beginning at 10:15 (local time). Contributors will include Heather, BookCrossing supporting authors, and Netstation.

You can listen in one of three ways. Local listeners can go to 96.0FM National via DAB digital radio. International listeners can tune in via the 'Listen Live' service. There is also a live studio webcam.

Attention Edinburgh! VSBAIR* Coming Your Way

On the 2nd of September, author Deborah J. Miller (aka DeVega will release 5 First Edition copies of her new Fantasy novel, Swarmthief's Dance, into the wilds of Edinburgh. Each copy will be numbered, hand-stamped and signed by the author. Says Miller, "I wanted to do a special release for a number of reasons: firstly, I missed out on doing one for World Book Day earlier in the year in support of Book Aid Ė I guess that was what planted the idea in my mind Ė unfortunately, I didnít have anything current to put out at the time. As I am an Author Ambassador for BAI, I felt I'd let the side down somewhat!

Also, Iíve done a couple of releases from my own book collection & although Iíve only had one Ďhití it was such a thrill Ė I love the whole ethos of BookCrossing. As an author I donít think it does any harm to have people read free copies of my fiction. If they enjoy my work, perhaps they will consider buying more ó if not, then they can pass it forward. .. but of course, I hope they will!"

So, Scottish BCers, September should be a feast of Fantasy ó Happy Hunting!

*Very Special Book Aid International Releases

Allistar makes it to John O'Groats!

A little while back, we featured an article by Whitestar, mother of BookCrosser Allistar, who lost her battle with bowel cancer, but continues to live in the hearts of many. In it, Whitestar told of her plan to walk from Land's End to John O'Groats in an effort to raise awareness and funds for fighting this disease. Many here at BookCrossing have been following the footsteps of Alli's parents as they walk. Word has reached us that on August 20, Alli's mum and dad completed their journey. Says Whitestar, "We have had a wonderful time and discovered lots of lovely people and many areas of our country we didn't know existed!!" They released 56 books along the way. Only two have been journaled to date, but there's always time. Sometimes those little travelers take a while to check in, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that more are heard from. (And we'll also keep our fingers crossed for more details of the journey!) (Pictured: Detail from Alli on the Beach Book Plate, by artist Patrick Yesh, and available at the BookCrossing Supply Store)

Second Annual (we hope!) London Renegades BookCrossing Treasure Hunt: Sunday August 28

By the time this issue of the Newsletter comes out, the Second London Renegades BookCrossing Treasure Hunt will be a thing of the past, a wonderful memory... We're keeping our fingers crossed for a full report from those fabulously creative and wickedly fun Renegades as to how it went. Until that time, follow the fun at this thread in Chit-Chat or here at the official London Renegades Website. (See? Isn't that an amazingly imaginative site? We told you they were creative! Not to mention stunning in a tiara!) There's also a webcam at Trafalgar Square where those unable to attend could watch the start! All the best to the participants. A special thanks to the Renegade organizers, particularly those organizers attending: Yokospungeon, LondonMet, Minx2012, alliesolskjaer, Alex26, Inkognitoh, and WickedPhoenix. Did anyone warn London?! And where can we get a piece from one of Herschelian's amazing cakes?!

In The News

Once again, BookCrossing has made the news in several spots across the globe. There's a lovely write-up in the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph, and the Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard, for starters. (Thanks to billhookbabe and LarkOnapost for calling these to our attention. A special thanks to mojosmom, who gently helped the Oregon paper to correct the misspelling of Ron's name. Follow the thread here.) We love the mention we got in Edutopia Magazine. Short but sweet!

In other media events, CBS 2 in Chicago (WBBM-TV) gives Internet time to BookCrossing. YuCCa3 posted that BookCrossing will be on Finnish television again. "This time the national television (YLE) has made a story about BookCrossing. The planned date, when the story comes out on the news, is Friday 26th August. Hopefully lots of new Finnish BookCrossers will join in! :)"

And in the "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" category, the Guardian Unlimited and report that mybookyourbook, an online cooperative library, built along some of the same principles as BookCrossing, recently launched. Unlike BookCrossing, which remains free, mybookyourbook does charge a membership fee.


Being Raised by BookCrossers
by Karen M Adrian (needywriter)

I recently gave birth to my first and only child, Ahjeiza Eliana Adrian. When I found out I was pregnant, it came to me as a surprise, since I was a career woman beginning to set roots at a school as a high school teacher and English department chairperson. I felt well established at the school with a group of wonderful professionals who became friends. A child was definitely not in the works. But those are the blessings that God grants, usually at His time and not ours....

[read it all at]

It was on the tip of my tongue... but I've forgotten it, again.
by ThatGrrl

I'm sure my brain is at least one memory card short. Rarely can I remember author's names when I'm in one of those mega bookstores looking for a good book to read. I'm the one wandering aimlessly, tapping my fingers on my purse strap and wondering if it began with a W or an M. I try the computer inventory, looking up topics, possible author names and what I think the title might have been, but it doesn't usually help me. ...

[read it all at]

Found in the wild at last
by Claire Petersky (Cpetersky)

Let me say now, I have gone hunting many times. I have talked to cheery baristas and grumpy security guards, asked them to look behind counters and in boxes, hoping that the errant book was either found or put away somewhere. As soon as a book gets released on the bus, the next day I've called up Metro Transit's Lost and Found, hoping that this time, the book will turn up. ...

[read it all at]

Thousands of books thrown in a dumpster!
by Kimmie Sams (WhiteElephant)

I was just minding my own business (well, actually, I was minding my local public library's business, since I was volunteering at their annual book sale) when I found myself plunged into a book-lover's adventure extraodinaire. Here's how it happened.......

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

My 4th Double Jumper! - Historical Fiction which loves to travel.
From home in Northamptonshire I took it to Colchester Zoo- it jumped who knows how to a phone box in a Suffolk Villgae- that catcher then left it in a pub in Dorest for our good friend Anonymous Finder to journal it!
by weebly

Caught on a gloriously sunny day, it's travelled a bit, it's going to travel more, a reader has found a new author and they've joined- also this seems to be our first member in the Isle of Man (not somewhere I had in mind when I left the book on a cycle path 250 miles away!)
by pam99

Alaskan Roadtrip with Releases
I took off to Valdez a couple weeks ago and released books along the way and around Valdez. I've even had a catch! (and a really good one at that!)

For some reason I'm having a heck of a time getting photos uploaded to my journal entries, but you can check out the rest of the pics here:

I'll be traveling to Nome in a couple weeks. I'm hoping to release a few there too and hopefully get some great pics. =)
by havfaith

my Maine release now released and caught in the Netherlands--how cool!
by solittletime

A lesson learned!
I just got this one:

I have a bad habit of pre-releasing a book as a SURPRISE LOCATION and then leaving it somewhere in the wild and forgetting to update my release notes.

Well, I really really really wished I knew where I left this one so long ago that it could end up in Texas!

Oh well, maybe this will keep me on my toes!

by kz4ufo

Totally bogus catch...
by LarkOnapost

Okay... now this is wierd!! (strange occurrances at a busy little park today!)
This was a neat little bookcrossing coincidence to watch unfold today!

It started with a release notice 2 hours ago from Earthdance:

Then there was another release notice 1 hour ago by LazyDaisy0413 in the same release location!:

LazyDaisy found Earthdances book! BUT!!! It WASN'T the book that she released!!!
by day-zee

UK Renegades Treasure Hunt Catch!
The catches from the London Renegades' Treasure Hunt are beginning to come in: "I had just been in the Royal Academy of Art and sat down outside on a bench next to this book".

Pete, wishing he had been there
by Skyring

From France to Austin to Africa???

My French is rusty, but the gist seems to be that they picked up it while in france 6 weeks ago at a park. Looks like they read heading to Africa, I'm not sure if they have finished the book (eeek, my French is really bad!) but it looks like they will leave it at an airport at some point!
by candieb

Nice idea...this book catching....

by sqdancer

Great catch for dancing-dog!
by Jare

Three years later: "she has no recollection of where she got it"
The Rescue is rescued; first catch for Miss-Oh-Joy- three years after she registered and released her books!

[This is the second three-years-plus-later catch I've seen in the last week; maybe some books just take a few years off?]
by GoryDetails

Sell it? Or reconsider?
by countedx58

One wild release results in two consecutive new BookCrossers!

I'm really pleased they're not just Anonymous Finders!
by flambard

Found in 'an appealingly eyecatching plastic bag'

A catch for Molyneux.

(Ed. for a goof on my part.)
by kiptrix

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