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August 18, 2005
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Herzlichen Gluckwunsch! (Even missing the umlaut, it STILL means Congratulations!)

Am Samstag, den 06. August 2005 wurde in der Sendung "Die bessere Seite" (Sa. 18:00-20:00 Uhr) des Internet-Radios zusammen mit 6 weitere Homepages live vorgestellt. Danach wurde 1 Woche lang abgestimmt. Und... hat diese erste Runde gewonnen!

[On Saturday, August 6th, 2005, the German Support Site was announced at the german speaking Internet Radio (along with with 6 other websites) as a semi-finalist in the category "the better page". From August 6th until 13th anyone could vote and... won!]

Thanks to Wyando for this and a BIG Congratulations to him, too, as he is the heart and soul of that site. Get the full scoop here in English or here for German and find out how you can help the German BC Support Site get to the next level in the challenge!

Mirror Images

We're repeating the links to the article last week on our International Mirror Sites, along with the note that more translations have come in since the last newsletter. For the announcement regarding our Mirror Sites in English, click here. For a variety of other languages (including "Aussie"), click here.

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101! And We Don't Mean Dalmations!

Our hearty comhgháirdeachas to BCIE! The Yahoo group for Republic of Ireland (BCIE) had their 101st member join, just 18 months after the group started. This is a grand group of BookCrossers, and those of us not from the Emerald Isle love to learn of their BookCrossing adventures. The link to the Yahoo group is here.


...Buch ließ sich erst nach fast 5 Monaten fangen!
by taraluna

Nun ja, ich wurde zum Bookcrosser, weil ich selbst eins gefangen hatte. Begeistert von der Idee, wollte ich natürlich unbedingt mitmachen. Deshalb ließ ich ein Buch frei in einer Bahn von Köln. Ich war so aufgeregt, als ich es freiließ, neugierig schon im voraus, wer es wohl finden sollte – und vor allem, wann! ...

[read it all at]

A story of the right book in the right place at the right time
by jessibud

We've heard it a hundred times -- those little sayings our moms used to feed us to encourage us not to give up, not to lose faith: "things happen for a reason" or "it wasn't meant to be..." or "the time isn't right, wait, be patient, it'll happen at the right moment". You know what I mean....

[read it all at]

Or, what do you do when you have to divide and carry 900 books?!
by Plinius

The Dutch BookCrossers recently had a lot of fun buying 900 books on eBay (see article here for the background.) Next came the hard part; we had to figure out how to divide our treasures! So we had one of those happy meetings in a café in Amsterdam on August 7, where we all were supposed to pick up our shares of the eBay-books… HEAVY shares!...

[read it all at]

Gettng our news across in other languages
by Various bilingual BookCrossers around the globe (BCSupportTeam)

Thanks to a host of BookCrossing volunteers, we can bring you the text of our recent article on the Mirror Sites in several languages. (Still awaiting other volunteers to check in with their respective languages!) And yes, you are not losing your mind. We ran this last issue, but have had new translations come in. These have been added to the article in the order received, so scroll down to see if your language is represented! If not, we're counting on you to help us out!...

[read it all at]

Dos and Don'ts of Hosting a Release Challenge
by Secretariat

Okay, you’ve gotten past the jitters of your first few wild releases and now spot potential release areas wherever you go. You’ve even contemplated joining or have joined release challenges. Perhaps you’re ready for the next step forward. ...

[read it all at]

Beyond Britian, there's BC News Happening!
by BCSupportTeam

As we were saying back In the News, the London BookCrossing Meet Up was visited twice by "Cool Hunters". They've added BookCrossing to their website but it's subscription only (£10,000 per year!!!), so we'll probably never get to see it. Oh well. Hot on the heels of that news, came the news that not only is BookCrossing cool, but (in) vogue -- the UK print edition of the Vogue September issue, that is. The magazine is not online, and we're not sure about other editions of the print version. If the style-conscious among us stumble across other hard copy editions of Vogue, please check to see if they've given us a mention! If they let us know, we'll pass the word along....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

One of my Lake Ozark releases from last weekend checked in today!

Nice journal, appreciative reader, and a new member! Girl's weekends are wonderful. :)
by mysterylady36

"I felt like I had won a prize!"
A nice catch...and I saw it pop up on the sidebar! You can't beat that...
by geishabird

A grateful finder - nice catch for NIMBLENEEDLE !
(NIMBLENEEDLE, such a catchy screen name!)
by dancing-dog

I've been wanting a new book and I found it! cute catch for ellymae58
by Antof9

Another of my theme releases...
....has found a good home.
by bluenoser

From Blighty to Oz!
Pleased with this catch!
by Anne-Elliott

Cute Catch!
I saw this under "recently caught" and it made me smile. So true!
by la-sonrisa

Worthwhile to write a note at the end of the book
I recently got a journal entry ( for a book I released in the wild. According to the entry, the original bookcrossing sticker must not still be in the book, but my hand-written note at the end was enough. Since I do a little note at the end of a book only occasionally ("What did you think of this book? Let us know by..."), it shows that I should do this more consistently, even if I am a little unnerved by writing in books. My mother trained me too well!

I'll also note that the book apparently got another reader between me and butterfly1950- - she found the book in a much different location, according to her PM to me, than where I released it.

I'm also glad that this particular journaller has decided to join bookcrossing. According to the PM, she has lots of spare books to release into the wild!

by Cpetersky

First victory, perhaps a modest one, but a victory nonetheless

I really hope that link works. Dave Eggers memoir found by an anonymous finder, a six-word review I have memorized, and seven stars. The book is now marked as AVL so who knows what's going to happen to it...
by ladyveg

From Australia to Finland
BCer thebiblioholic releases a book in Brisbane and it ends up in Tampere, Finland. :-)
by myntti

BookCrossing on the high seas

This person is either confused about where they caught the book, or there's an ocean in Nebraska no one's discovered yet. (The book was only released 6 days ago. Is that time to pick it up, carry it off the cruise, and take it to Nebraska? I think perhaps the finder was from Nebraska, but actually caught the book on the cruise.)
by MaryZee

Have you noticed......
.....that a lot of books that were released and caught one or two years ago are suddenly showing up in the "recently caught" column. Here's yet another one:
Never give up hope that you'll hear from one of your long lost releases.
by bluenoser

A "fowl" catch on a whale-watch...
I was very pleased with this one:

by GoryDetails

Yay! Sweepstake book released, caught and journalled
Well done, nimrodiel. Good themed release. And it's been caught. And they joined, too.
by quizgirl

Caught after 16 months *jubilates*
I released these books 16 months ago at a playground near our house. Two books for children: The Twins at St. Clare's and a cookbook for doll's mothers
It seems, someone found them and re-released them and this new member found them yesterday.

So, there is still hope to all our books in the wild.
by enitsirhc72

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