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July 14, 2005
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OI YOU! Yes you! Fancy coming to the London Renegades' 2005 Treasure Hunt?

Stolen directly from the forum, the following reminder:

Calling all Bookcrossers! You are invited to the second London Renegades Bookcrossing Treasure Hunt, on Sunday August 28 2005 from 11.00-4.00pm followed by prizegiving meet-up. Mark the date in your diaries NOW!

A series of clues will lead you to Bookcrossing Treasure and this year's theme is TOP SECRET- INTERNATIONAL ESPIONAGE! ~Cue the theme to The Pink Panther!~

Entry to the Treasure Hunt is completely free. This is not restricted to London BookCrossers; anyone who can make it to London for the day is heartily and cordially invited. All the action will take place in central London.

If you accept our invitation to join us for this day of sleuthing, adventuring, laughter, and talking in code then click on over to this link in the forum for full details!

Stay Safe and Take Care

The world is changing all around us. While there is much that is grand and glorious, there are, unfortunately, changes of a darker nature. In the years since the origination of BookCrossing, we have witnessed an increase in tragedy and terrorism. These events have struck many countries. Our hearts go out to all the victims of terrorism, as well as those who have been impacted by the perils of nature. But it brings to mind an important reminder for all of us who leave our precious books out in the wild: take care where and how you place wild releases. Items considered discarded and unattended, no matter how innocuous they may seem, can be mistaken for something more sinister. Consider supporting or starting local OBCZs or starting a Bookring with that wonderful tome you just completed. And, when you do a wild release, be considerate and careful. We would certainly cringe to have one a BookCrossing book be the cause of public concern! Above all, stay safe. You are the heart and soul of BookCrossing and extremely important to us.

The Backpacks are Coming! The Backpacks are Coming! (And new Stickie Notes, too!)

Whether you're in summer now or deep in winter, our new Supply Store items are just what you need — cool enough to help beat the northern hemisphere heat, while the smile they'll bring to many a face will warm the hearts of the coldest souls in the southern hemisphere!

Our fabulous new backpacks come in three styles and a variety of colors. Your only problem will be deciding which to order!

And two new styles of stickie notes in lucious colors will certainly help perk up your wild releases.

The wonderful new logo (featured on the backpacks) was designed by our own BookCrosser Saine, who also did the layout for the stickies. Credit goes to our volunteer Support Team for pounding out the wording for the new notes. Thanks to all!

A Star for a Star

Editor's note: The following article was submitted by a BookCrossing Newsletter reporter covering the UnConvention. The note with the article asked,"I really don't feel it appropriate to have it "published" under my name as I am just expressing the views of everyone who knows Netstation and all his BCUK pals in particular, so I would like it to be seen as a tribute from us all, not just from me." We are complying with the request of the author, and adding our own loud "Hip Hip Hooray" to the cheer for one of our star BookCrossers. (Photograph by Semioticghost)

I am sure there are many republican BookCrossers of many nationalities who are somewhat disapproving of the British Honours system, whereby men and women from all walks of life have Peerages, Knighthoods or membership of various Orders bestowed upon them. However, I don't believe the most ardent republican would find fault with the honours that have been bestowed upon one English BookCrosser in recognition of his services to BookCrossing and BookCrossers.

How did he come to earn those honours, in addition to the love and respect of so many BookCrossers? Well, for starters, that last year's UK UnConvention was such a resounding success is due almost entirely to the sterling efforts of this one person who put his heart and soul, his time and no doubt his cash into the project without complaint and without expectation of any reward.

Many a mortal would have felt they had "done their bit" after that, but not this one. Finding that there was so much he wanted to do to further the cause of BookCrossing, he even went so far as to clone himself so that even while holding down a full-time and demanding job he could continue to serve the cause. Geography Clone took on the monumental task of re-organising the towns and counties of the United Kingdom as they appeared, in duplicate, triplicate and worse, in the databases of BookCrossing. At times this must seem a never-ending calling as efficiently organised Release Zones are reduced to chaos again, but we have yet to see an accusatory finger pointed.

Meanwhile, Meet-Up Clone was haring the length and breadth of the country, apparently trying to set the record for the most number of Meet-Miles travelled in a year. Not content with simply wowing everyone present at every meet with his personality — which is as large as he is - he can be relied upon to produce vast quantities of luxury chocolate and sweeties wherever he goes. There is a very sound reason for many a junior BookCrosser knowing him as The Jelly Bean Man.

Then there's the Caring Clone — the one who is always there when a new BookCrosser needs help or a more established one has problem. We may never know how many BookCrossers are BookCrossers still because the Caring Clone stepped in with advice, assistance, encouragement or a few kind words when they were ready to pack it all in, but we can be sure there are several.

And we mustn't forget Guide Clone who welcomes foreign BookCrossers to our shores and sees that they have a thoroughly memorable stay. And Dressing-Up Clone who has some really fetching outfits! We do hope there is an Indulgence Clone as well, one who will enjoy the Red Letter Day being gifted to him by numerous members of the BCUK Mailing List and UnConvention 2005 attendees.

Yes, I could go on at great length, but by now I think you will have grasped some idea of why UK BookCrossers in particular are so fond and so proud of our STAR member. Ladies, Gentlemen and other BookCrossers, your appreciation please, for NETSTATION, known to many of us as Sir Steve Netstation, ABCD+twiddly bits, WC, GOB, SMACK

In case you need a translation that's Award of BookCrossing Distinction (not forgetting the twiddly bits for extra merit), Wings Continuous (well, about 20 year's worth anyway), Geographer of Brilliance and his highest achievement, the award for Several Magnificent Acts of Considerable Kindness.

But then we got to thinking that mere honours and transient gifts were not enough, and being the modest sort of guy he is, Steve would probably never display the letters after his name. We — the BookCrossers of the UK and nearby Ireland — decided that the world needed a permanent visual reminder of the star in our midst. .. so from 2 July 2005 a star in the Gemini constellation will be named Sir Steve Netstation. Shine on!

Oh and by the way, the man is just gorgeous!

Editor's note (again) We also want to add our thanks to Sir Steve for his absolutely brilliant creation of the World OBCZ map, and for the utterly delightful and mind bending quizzes he derives for all of us who frequent Chit Chat.

Creativity Corner: Have you visited Wren's Crossing lately?

We have many members with absolutely marvelous auxillary sites to BookCrossing. We hope to feature as many of them as we can. This issue, we take you deep in the Heart of Texas, to Wren's Crossing maintained by the ever lovely TexasWren.

Wren's Crossing is a virtual cornicopia for BookCrossers. The Frequently Asked Questions, or in Wren lingo FAQ'S not on Ron's FAQ Page , does just that — supplements our own BookCrossing Frequent Questions. (And yes, our volunteer support team is working on updating our page.) And, she's just added a printable version of all three FAQ pages! There is a very well maintained list of BookCrossing Authors to help you out on your next trip to the bookstore, calendars for birthdays for some BookCrossers and book related Special days. There is a wonderful RABCK Round-up section, where Folks can nominate BookCrossers who have done random kindnesses to others for recognition. TexasWren also maintains an In Remembrance page for BookCrossers who shared a page of life with us and have now passed on. Recipes, BC Babies, Labels and Graphics available for download, and much, much more! In true TexasWren style, she'd be quick to point out that she welcomes, encourages, and needs submissions for birthdays, pets, rabcks, and all the features. She's quick to credit other BookCrossers for making the site so great, but we all know the real heart behind it. Thank you TexasWren!

In The News

There was another MegaBookCrossing Gathering in Neuchâtel. From the looks of things there were about as many reporters as BookCrossers. You can have a look yourself at the newspaper articles here and here, at the radio coverage and the TV reports. Rumor has it that Sunneschii, a Swiss-German BookCrosser, gave an French!

There was an item in a Danish newspaper the Politician about a local meet-up. The editors apologize- we could not translate the article, but if you wish to read more about it, click here. Thanks to tutmarie for alerting us to this story!

Alieness had a delightful article in a recent newsletter from, informing readers about BookCrossing. Pass it on!

Mojosmom pointed us in the direction of this article in the Global Politician. According to the author, Bookcrossing "subverts the legal concept of ownership and transforms the book from a passive, inert object into a catalyst of human interactions.".



by Zinta Aistars (Zinta)

At first glance, he doesn't seem the reading type. Markus Rutens, 23, with a small scar under his left eye and another just above the hairline, flexes a tattooed arm. A cross trimmed in blue expands across a biceps. "My faith gets me through tough times," he says. "Faith — and books. My saving grace."...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

'Bad Trips' appears to have good trip---altho 2 months missing!
by watchcat

Forgot they were a member!

Longer than I've been a member, in fact.
by ResQgeek

"brilliant and fascinating idea"
by GoryDetails

My wild release got MAILED back to me!
I guess some people don't quite get the concept.
by libertine101

the first time a post office release has called home
I set this book free while running errands today. It was journaled before I got a chance to do a release note for it, and has to be one of the most moving journals I have gotten yet in 2+ years of setting books free through BC.

every time I go to the P.O. I try and set a book or two free. I had never heard a peep from any of them, but today's entry makes up for that. The best part is, I almost didn't bring this book with today as it didn't fit in my bag, and it was raining pretty hard when I left. Now I'm glad I grabbed it anyways.

Loud and Clear by Anna Quindelen-
by nimrodiel

"the three of us had some kind of weird yet symbolic transient bonding session"
Zac and Makalya were exhibiting their different personalities in whehter or not the three of them should take the rainforest walk. Makayla didn't want Mum to open the book. Mum over-ruled almost everyone and here we are. Strewth mate this journal entry is almost like a soap opera. I LOVE this entry. Enjoy!
by inkognitoh

the book nobody likes
there's a book that no reader likes, but still travels the world...

the unsurpassed antof9 from colorado usa sent it to moem for her obcz in nijmegen, the netherlands. i grabbed it there in order to wild release it in south africa, where i moved to. when on holiday i left it at a beach restaurant in durban. a waitress rescued it and gave it to swiss people. the next journaler mentions taking it it home to belgium, and having left the book in london.

funny is that none of us liked 'the horse whisperer'. that doesn't stop it's travels though, nor it's getting journalled!
by nrrdgrrl

This is what we call serendipty :)

Catch in Germany at IKEA with a great story in german. So here an approx translation:

-- -- -

For a long time I'm interested in the history of South Africa. My parents went in holiday over there some years ago and came back thrilled- with a lot of anecdotes. I kept more and more busy with this subject- especially with Nelson Mandela, probably one of the greatest and integritiest living peoply at all.

Last week, I've looked at Amazon, because I was interested in reading a biography of him, but for some reasons I didn't ordered yet.

The next day, I went with my friend to IKEA: we lingered around, until he found a cupboard, he was interested in. He opened the doors to look inside and was already being to close it, as I saw a book in there and catched it.

It was "Stimme der Hoffnung" and is a autorised biography about Nelson Mandela. And on the book I saw the label, which says, that it wasn't lost or forgotten, but explicitly released, so _I_ could catch it.

What a coincidence, the book was great and has been found by the right person. Of course I will release it again. I really was thrilled, the book had given me so much, and the fact, that I didn't know bookcrossing before and _I_ did found exactly THAT BOOK, that appealled to me, was a bit creepy.

Many thanks to the person, who released this book.
best wishes,


-- -- -

by Wyando

"wanted to take part in the fun" - The Last Continent is having a nice journey...
I noticed the title in the recently-caught box and checked it out because this is one of my favorite Pratchett books [OK, at least half of them are "favorites," but still], and enjoyed seeing its travels:
by GoryDetails

catching this book is like a picture perfect memory that I can carry with me
A catch for Trident Literacy!

"It's funny how something falls into your life at a time where
coincidence is even too much to believe."

I think this one was released for Trident Lit by Kiptrix! Woo Hoo!!!
by bookczuk

It's a dog's life!
This book has found all the right people: )
by dancing-dog

Book found 'in the toilet'...

That always sounds so disgusting, but I guess it's meant to be the rest room itself. Nice catch, anyway. :-)
by kiptrix

My book had Karma
Released a book this evening and already its been journalled and found by someone it was meant to find.
by Lizabeth86

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