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July 1, 2005
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Australian BookCrossing Convention! Brisbane 2005

The Aussies tell us they got off to a great start at their Registration night. The BookCrossers came, they saw, they liked! There was good food, good company and the Goodie Bags overflowed. The Secret Book Wrap was a hit. Poor cackleberry had to stand back from the rush when he announced it was time to open the parcels. You can catch up with the action in the Convention Forum. The days have been full of fun, friendship and BookCrossing frolics.

On a sunny Sunday morning the Australia BookCrossing Convention moved to the streets of Brisbane as they walked the Brisbane Literary Trail. Wombles and Neesy led them along Albert Street where there are bronze plaques in the pavement, featuring quotes about Brisbane, from a range of Australian and overseas authors. One of the plaques features Andrew McGahan, the recent winner of the Miles Franklin Award for Australian Literature. The award was for his novel The White Earth. The Conventiongoers, exhausted by much frenzied releasing, proceeded to their Farewell Yum Cha Lunch. The food was great, and plentiful, as were the heartfelt farewells. But before they left there were prizes and gifts!

Wombles and MadamMuck, who assure us they didn't accept any bribes, awarded the following outstanding BookCrossers their limited edition Convention Coffee Mugs!

Most Releases went to FutureCat, who travelled all the way from New Zealand, and at last count had liberated 92 books!

Most Interesting Release went to CoffeeBron who climbed a tree in the Queen St. Mall for a high altitude release!

The Quizmaster Award went to caldron who everyone agreed deserved an award for his terrific Trivia Night!

Special Mention Award went to charbono for covering the entire Brisbane Central Business District in BookCrossing stickers and magnets!

Winner of the BCAUS Convention Sweepstakes is itsjustjoanSTL. Congratulations!

A special farewell was sent out to the New Zealanders who jetted in, and thebiblioholic who travelled all the way from the U.S. to join in the fun.

The Aussies had a great time and are apparently already thinking about where they want to meet up next year! Finally, the Brisbane Convention Committee is overwhelmed by the generosity of so many BookCrossers. They send out their thanks in this thread.

Just one question; were there Tim-Tams in the Goodie Bags?!

Why did the Austrian Cross the Road?

To get to the book, of course! Earlier this month, the Vienna BookCrossing group took to RoadCrossing and distributed over 400 books to passing motorists. We don't have the full scoop, but the pictures they posted sure look like they were having fun! We're hoping (hint, hint) for one of their fabulous member articles to appear in the newsletter editor's box, so we can all get the details. That group sure is active and creative in what they do! In the meantime, here's the thread in the forum which also has links to even more pictures.

P.S. Nice flag! Maybe we should carry them in the Supply Store?

Creativity Corner

Ballycumber is certainly holding up his fair share of books. Don't believe us? Well, here's the word, straight fromtoefte's mouth.

Hello! I just wanted to tell you about a Ballycumber bookend my mother made out of wood. Apparently my BC addiction rubbed off on her, and she wanted to make her own contribution to the creativity corner of BC. :) For me, this is the perfect bookend for a BC shelf. Not only because of Ballycumber itself. But also because of the way Ballycumber is looking. It looks like he is ready to take off and start into a new adventure. What else can a BookCrosser wish for? :)

Supply Store billing problem

Most of you are aware that the our Supply Store is a major financial resource for the site. We have just become aware of a glitch that has kept some revenues from getting to the Store, and are now working to correct it.

Last summer, we tested a new code module for taking phone orders. Unfortunately, this test code was left in place, and it interfered with the actual interface to various credit card companies; from our end, it looked like the credit card charges went through when in reality it hadn't. About 4% of our orders are processed by telephone, and those orders have not been charged now for almost a year. The cost of this oversight has been significant to this "free site" which depends on The Supply Store for its existence.

So what are we doing about it? We have removed the test code, and completed a thorough audit of the Store. We have also implemented extra safeguards to catch any discrepancies on a monthly basis. We have double checked the audit orders to confirm lack of charges, and finally, though we wish we didn't have to, we have begun to push through those credit card charges for goods shipped and received that first escaped us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, and if you are one of the very few who actually caught the fact that you weren't charged and contacted us already, we thank you. If you think we have charged you in error, please let us know via the Contact Us link ( use the Supply Store option, please) and Sheryl (our Store Manager) will get back to you. And for those of you who so patiently helped us to find and fix this glitch, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have wings on us to match the angels that you are. We thank you for your continued support.

Aussie Convention- What's Better than a Wet T- shirt contest? Newk's Tee shirt contest!!

There is no way we can explain this better than our mate from Down Under, so we'll let Newk explain his scheme all himself,

My first Australian convention in Sydney last year was marked by, amongst many other things, the birth of Skyring's Convention Journal. Non-competitive Newk has been searching his brain for an idea to rival that of his mate Skyring. Something to have a bit of fun with.

ALSO in Sydney there was a name on everyone's lips....."where is Grooble?" and "I wish Grooble was here".

Combine the two thoughts and you have (drum roll please)

"Newk's I wish. .............. was here" T shirt

Here is the opportunity to put into print/photograph/journal entry form the thoughts of this year's conventioneers.

Maybe, just maybe, the shirt can travel and perform at other meetings.

I have in mind some sort of prize for the bxer most missed.

Indeed I have enlisted an anonymous sponsor who has offered to pay (australian) capital city to capital city air fares to the next Australian convention to the winner of the “I wish” competition.

The rules?

RULE A1: basically what newk says goes BUT also:

1) all entries to be made by journal entry for this BCID, which is on the T shirt.

2) all entries must have a photograph of the nominator wearing the T shirt with the name of the nominee clearly visible. See example photograph below.

3) multiple entries are allowed but see 1) and 2) above.

4) you can vote for as many bxers as you like but only one at a time.

etc, etc. I will make up rules as necessary to be fair.

In Survivor and Big Brother people are voted off. Here people are voted IN.

Crikey! (Us again, the Newsletter Editors, asking that you all spell our names right when you get to wear Newk's special tee!)

In The News

BookCrossing got a mention in the St Louis Post Dispach. If you can imagine this impossible thing—there were BookCrossers at a recent Library sale! BookCrossers willing to talk about BookCrossing! Go figure! Check it out in the online article.

For those of you who want another view of the Webbys, click here for Dana Greenlee's interview with Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain.

Tracy, California may only have 26 BookCrossers, but it was enough to catch the attention of a reporter for the Tracy Press. Come read all about it in an article entitled "Book lovers take one and pass it on".


BCing with your child
by Jennifer Collins (guinaveve)

I had enjoyed BookCrossing for about 6 months when it dawned on me how much my son, then 7 and an avid reader himself, would love it too. We brainstormed a screen name reflecting his interests, and created a virtual bookshelf for him that now has over a hundred books on it. ...

[read it all at]

Beating The Book Bullies
by Nicholas Boldock (nboldock)

The thing that attracted me most to BookCrossing was the exciting prospect of leaving books in public places for complete strangers to find, pick up, and (hopefully) read and pass on. It seemed anarchic, willful, left-field. It appealed to my wild side. It might not be dancing on tables, or driving a rally car, or skydiving, but in its own way it seemed to represent a rejection of the norm, a restructure of the ordinary. What a brilliant idea! I wished I’d thought of it myself....

[read it all at]

Calling all British BC'ers - follow our journey!
by Whitestar (Allistar)

At dawn on the 9th of July 2003 I stood in a field in Swaziland with my family and scattered the ashes of my beautiful daughter, Alli, in the shape of a star on the frosty ground. We spoke our chosen words and stood together to watch a gorgeous African sunrise. The ceremony was just as Alli must have envisaged when she asked to be taken back to this favourite spot. The fact that a mother had to perform such a ceremony for her daughter is far harder to accept....

[read it all at]

The French MegaBookCrossing 2005!
by Snoow

It had been announced in the News & Whatnot a few months ago (April 14th), and it was the main conversation subject in the French forum the past few weeks. It gathered about a hundred bookcrossers from all over France and surrounding countries. What was it, then? The 8th French MegaBookCrossing (MBC) of course !...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

"The Writer" was the right place to release books
Last Sunday (June 26) Inkognitoh, amberjane and I released about 27 books at "The Writer" on Hampstead Heath. So far I have had 3 catches, and of course inko and amberjane journalled the books they took. It was such fun seeing people pick them up that I'm going to release more in the same spot this Sunday- after all, one can't have too much of a good thing!
by Herschelian

Found at a booksale two years after the release

I would like to know where this book was in between.
by Rebecca84

My art gallery release in April CAUGHT!
Three months later and two states away...
by jennannej

"I wonder if..."
AF catches on quick
by gnissorckoob

“I had read all about the program so I knew why it was there.”
One of my favorites to date. She joined and has a great name. I think I'm a little partial to flowery names. ;)
by LazyDaisy0413

BookCrossing in the Park--and my first catch there!
I originally released this book on 3/29/2004 at Heritage Perk, and then decided to move it to the biggest park in town on 5/25/2005, since it was still at the coffee shop. Well--it was caught two days later!

who plans to release more books there (I've released 6 so far)...
by scavok

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