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May 5, 2005
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9th Annual Webby Awards: Named Best Community Website and Best Social/Networking Website in the People's Voice Awards Receives Top International Honor for Websites

BookCrossing wins Webby awards KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, USAMAY 3, 2005 — The Webby Awards, the leading international honor for websites, today announced that won The People's Voice Award for both the Best Community and the Best Social/Networking websites.

The Ninth Annual Webby Awards received a record number of entries from over 40 countries and all 50 states. This year, more then 200,000 fans cast their ballots to decide their own personal favorites from among the nominees in each category. A Webby People's Voice Award is a tremendous honor, indicating the highest level of loyalty and commitment from a site's visitor base.

Winners of the People's Voice Awards will be honored at The 9th Annual Webby Awards, which will be held for the first time ever in New York City on June 6 at the legendary Gotham Hall. Hosted by comedian Rob Corddry of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the ceremony will showcase the first-ever Webby Special Achievement Awards.

In recognition of the pivotal role he has played in the development of the Internet over the past three decades, The Webby Awards will present former Vice President Al Gore with The Webby Lifetime Achievement Award. The award will be presented by Vint Cerf, widely credited as a founder of the Internet.

Other Presenters and Honorees include: Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist; the Kleptones, online music innovators; and the Spiridellis brothers, JibJab founders and digital filmmaking pioneers.

More than 400 luminaries from the fields of media, advertising, business, technology, entertainment, politics and the arts will be in attendance at the event.

Hailed as the "online Oscars" by Time Magazine, The Webby Awards are determined by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, a global organization with a membership that includes musician David Bowie, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, The Body Shop president Anita Roddick, "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening, Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser, and fashion designer Max Azria.

"The 9th Annual People's Voice Awards winners provide both a remarkable snapshot of digital life today and a powerful sneak preview of where we are going next," said Tiffany Shlain, creative director and chairperson of The Webby Awards. "We're proud to shine a spotlight on outstanding sites like"

"The passion of the BookCrossing community never ceases to amaze me," said Ron Hornbaker, founder of "These two awards simply reflect the dedication and generosity of our 350,000 members pushing this movement forward from all corners of the world."

About The Webby Awards
Called the "Oscars of the Internet" by The New York Times, the Webby is the leading international award honoring excellence in Web design, creativity, usability and functionality. Established in 1996, the 9th Annual Webby Awards received over 4,000 entries from all 50 states and over 40 countries worldwide. The Webby Awards is presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Sponsors and Partners of The Webby Awards include: The Creative Group; Adweek Magazines; Fortune and FSB; Ektron; 2Advanced Studios; The Online Publishing Association; MX Interactive; IDG; PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Rackspace Managed Hosting. For more information, visit

About the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS)
The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the creative, technical, and professional progress of the Internet and interactive media. The Academy is an intellectually diverse organization that includes over 500 members consisting of leading experts in a diverse range of fields, such as musician David Bowie, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, business guru and author Tom Peters, The Body Shop president Anita Roddick, fashion designer Max Azria, "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening and Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser. For more information, visit

The Webby Awards and The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences are registered trademarks of International Data Group.

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BookCrossing: Good For Your Health

Devoted BookCrossers already know how great it feels to get a catch on one of their releases. And if Norman Cousins is right*, and laughter is the best medicine, then some of the fun in the forum and journal entries certainly is healthful. But now, we have a new claim to fame. Fleurdelys released G is for Gumshoe by Sue Grafton at the Tower of London in February. It was then journalled by Firoozeh, who found the book helpful for more than just literary entertainment. Firoozeh wrote,"Coincidentally, when I started the book I also started giving up smoking. Reading it really helped during that first week of giving up. Not only because I was enjoying reading it and so it was giving me something to look forward to but also because two of the characters in the story had just begun giving up and it was as though I had company." The story was also picked up by Dogmatika, and by other BookCrossers in the Site Watch Forum. Congratulations to all involved!

*Laughter is a form of internal jogging. It moves your internal organs around. It enhances respiration. It is an igniter of great expectations.-Norman Cousins, Anatomy of an Illness

Looking for other BookCrossers in your area?

What's as great as BookCrossers meeting online? BookCrossers meeting in person! Until recently, many local BookCrossing groups have used MeetUp as a way to get together with other BookCrossers. However, with the advent of some administrative changes at MeetUp, several groups have begun listing themselves elsewhere. These groups are not replacements for, but serve to facilitate local gatherings and events. Many of the local BookCrossing groups have posted how to contact or find their lists here. Don't forget, many of the events and happenings in the BookCrossing Community are posted in the Conventions and Meetings Forum.

BookCrossing in Memory of Bronwyn Tate, New Zealand Writer & Teacher

Just a reminder that the first week in May will find many books appearing all over New Zealand, as BookCrossers honour author and teacher Bronwyn Tate, who died in Palmerston North on 25 February. The event has been organized by BookCrossing's own LisaEm. ‘It is a particularly appropriate tribute to a woman who was very committed to New Zealand books. Bronwyn promoted them whenever she could. She was an inspiration to many emerging writers, a woman of great humour, and a vital voice in New Zealand writing.’

Bronwyn Tate’s novels include Leaving for Townsville, Russian Dolls, Halfway to Africa and Lily’s Cupola. A fifth novel was completed shortly before her death, and will be published at a later date. She taught creative writing at Massey University from 2002. She also wrote and reviewed a variety of other publications.

BookCrossers around the world are encouraged to participate in this event by choosing either one of Bronwyn Tate’s books or a novel by another New Zealand author to release. Organisers hope this will encourage people to read more New Zealand fiction. For more information, see this article.

Creativity Corner: Jewels in the BookCrossing Crown

Several BookCrossers have moved beyond wearing their love for BookCrossing on their sleeves (or Tee shirt, or cap). Our kudos to these creative souls!

Before BookCrossing Charms were available, Netherland BookCrosser SylS created these lovely earrings, modeled by the equally lovely Owlet. Next up is the stunning Lytteltonwitch, showing us the New Zealand version of what to do with BookCrossing charms. Finally, two bracelets made using the charms, one by Bookczuk and one commissioned by Heather. And you thought the charms were only for wine glasses, book strings and zipper pulls!

For the full line of BookCrossing goodies, be sure to visit our Supply Store. And the Newsletter team would like to say a special thanks to Moem for all the excellent help with the photographs that have been appearing in recent issues.

In the News

This issue's round-up begins with a hoot-n-holler from Texas, where we made the Archer City Newspaper! If you remember, some of our intrepid Conventioneers took a road trip to Archer City where they visited, among other places, Booked Up in Archer, Texas, billed as the World's Largest Used Bookstore, owned by Larry McMurtry. They also visited the famous Archer City Dairy Queen, where they left a number of books as part of their tip. Though we don't have a copy of the article in hand, it was reported here.

Next up, we have an article inspired by gaspimper891. The link to a scanned copy can be found here.

The Lexington Herald-Leader has helped us find a classroom we want to be in! Wenddiva's sophomore advanced English students at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, Kentucky have been on a releasing frenzy. Read all about it here. We always thought English was a great class!

Some follow-up to the story of 84 BookCrossing Road, mentioned in our last newsletter: The Times UK featured the event in an online article, which can be found in the Announcements Forum (text posted by Anne-Elliott). Plus, there's a write up here, explaining the project and giving a sample of some of the comments from those who found a copy of the book. And, you can listen to a snippet of 84 BookCrossing Road here. Lovely!

And finally, a hearty "Woo Hoo" to tnkbl on the publication of her book The Prince's Diary. Hey, TexasWren! Did you add her to your author's pages?


An Australian BookCrosser's Adventures in Texas
by Skyring

I smiled every time the elevator doors opened. I had to. At each floor, the table in the lift lobby was bearing a row of books, each with a familiar little yellow note saying “Take me home! I’m Free!” In fact, the entire Fort Worth Plaza Hotel was one big OBCZ for the weekend. Even the hotel staff members were wearing BookCrossing Convention badges!...

[read it all at]

Is MeetUp *gasp* just one big meat market?
by augustusgloop

We all know you should never judge a book by its cover, but try telling that to the forlorn and abandoned BookCrossing urchins at the end of every MeetUp....

[read it all at]

Book catches happy traveller after brush with famous author
by koady

I was in Sydney with two friends and my daughter for a few days to see our favorite author, Lee Child. We have been fans for many years, and he often talks to his fans on the forum of his website. Through this, we set up a meeting and arranged to have dinner with him. ...

[read it all at]

Ever had a stubborn book that just didn’t want to leave?
by teish

The first book I released just didn’t want anyone but me....

[read it all at]

wild books keep memory alive
by Lynda Finn (Lyndafinn)

What better way to honour a fine woman and respected author, than releasing her books and those of other New Zealand authors into the wild? Bronwyn Tate, who died in Palmerston North, New Zealand on 25 February after a long battle with cancer, was also a teacher of creative writing and avid supporter of New Zealand literature. The New Zealand Book Council decided on this unique memorial as a way of supporting local literature and readers, and BookCrossers released Bronwyn's books, or those of other New Zealand authors, into the wild starting 1 May....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Another happy customer
And a new member
by Fellraven

The Man Who Ate a 747 Flies West

This book sat for nearly six months in a Sushi Restaurant. I should be so lucky!
by Greyflank

Christchurch Convention release caught!
Not quite a convention release, but the day before the frenzy commenced, my wife and I spent a wonderful morning wandering through the Botanic Gardens there. One of my favorite spots in all the world. We had a light meal at the cafe, just as we did on our honeymoon twenty-some years ago.

And I left a book there. As one does.

It was picked up, and is now in Cornwall. Via Thailand!
by Skyring

The first finder said he was taking it to Texas (from NZ)...
...and I thought to myself I will believe it when I see it, but then I got another journal entry today
And the book has been on quite a journey too!

by boreal

I'm so excited, and it sounds like the finder is too!
by mepwave

"This was a genuinely surreal experience"
Great catch, the word is spreading.
by meganh

thank book for choosing me !

!!! i been told so many times i should read this book and there it was wating for me! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very enthusiastic catcher.
by inkognitoh

Awesome! Yet another new member!
I've had some great catch luck lately!
by Jare

I have no idea about who she writes in the JE...but hey! Caught!!!!:-)
And in a completely different part of Switzerland! With a new member!:-)))

by Sunneschii

Book checking in after 2 years
by MaryZee

Bookcrossing book causes commotion in a pub :-)
by owlet

"What a life saver"
Nice catch for jehanine (and jmcbeth):
by GoryDetails

A very FUN catch!
On Sunday we were at my son's college to see him perform in a concert. We had a couple hours to kill, so we just walked around the campus a little, where I (of course) released a book. A short while later, I saw a husband & wife walking around, and the man was holding the book!!! I was psyched- but it gets better...An hour later, my family & I sat down in the concert hall, waiting for the concert to begin. Who do I see, walking up the steps, trying to choose a seat? The couple with my book!!!!! And where do you suppose they ended up sitting??? IN THE ROW BEHIND US, JUST ONE SEAT TO MY RIGHT!!!!

The beautiful thing about it is his wife had her own book that she was reading while he read the book he just caught! It was a Dave Barry book, and he was chuckling as he read it. It took every ounce of willpower in my body to not peek over at them. I never said anything to them, I thought it was more fun that way.

Sure enough, he journaled the book:

It was my favorite catch so far!
by time-traveler

"It's like a treasure hunt for adults, nerdy adults..."
"...but it brings out the little kid in me."

I just loved this one:

Nice catch for museolog's first release, too!
by GoryDetails

AF journals almost 2 years after finding the book.
I like these long-term catches- - and what articulate journalers!

by Megi53

Now drying on a radiator in Carmondean.

A book lover, right when one was needed.
by inkognitoh

Do you think it walked! This book took nearly a year to move 20-something miles
to be caught! And a new member too!
by awakeagain

One of my books has been adopted into a Starbucks library
I went by this Starbucks which I've released a few books. It turns out they've started a little library of perhaps 50 books, mostly of the coffee table variety, but one of the books I released was there. It's still clearly labeled so perhaps someone may glance at it and bring it home some day.
by mepwave

Colourful language for this catch
Think the finder likes the idea!
by meganh

Who says bar staff can't read?, says the finder.

Just like sometimes it's the cleaning staff that finds a book. Mustn't make assumptions.
by kiptrix

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