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April 28, 2005
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BBC Radio's Open Book interview features BC founder Ron Hornbaker and author Neil Gaiman

BBC listeners had a real treat April 24 (replaying April 28), and the rest of us can listen via the magic of RealPlayer. For starters, there was an interview with the producer of 84 BookCrossing Road a new program to air on the BBC May 2nd. They have released 84 copies of 84 Charing Cross Road in New York and London, and then made a program with the journals. Next, Ron gave a great interview about BookCrossing. The program closed with celebrated author Neil Gaiman stressing that BookCrossing doesn't harm authors or their sales, and that he really likes that his books are 'Crossed.

Ballycumber's favorite part of the interview with Ron was his response when asked "what's the point?" His response? "We're trying to increase the love of reading and increase the incidents of generosity or Random Acts of Kindness. If we can just make little differences in both literacy and kindness, I think we have done an ok thing." You can hear it yourself by clicking here. (The part with BookCrossing starts at 18:30.)

Get Carried Away at the Supply Store!

You asked for it, you got it! Folks love our gargantuan, snappy totes that come in yellow and black, but sometimes a BookCrosser wants something a little smaller. So check this out! The BookCrossing supply store now offers another way to carry your books for those wild releases — a great new denim tote! Of course, this 12-ounce, washed cotton twill denim tote will also hold notebooks, important papers, and anything else you want to put in it. With cotton web handles, the tote bag measures 14" x 14" x 3", and is just the perfect size to carry around with you for any occasion. If you want to go casual, this bag is perfect for you! To see our other totes, click here.

Creativity Corner

This week we take a look at some creativity of a different kind. We call your attention to The Book Cemetery. Created by one of our active BookCrossers, "This bookshelf was set up as a last resting place for damaged and deceased books that have been registered, been released, been in a book ring, book ray, or book bag or simply swapped with other BookCrossers, but have, through attrition, murder, theft, kidnapping or disease, old age or infirmity, been rendered useless for the purpose they were created." Instructions on how to have books listed are included, as well as a link to a graphic created by TexasWren (pictured) that you can use in your journal note.

If you've been dreaming of decking your monitor out in a BookCrossing Wallpaper, follow this link to a forum thread where two wallpapers by charbono and another by Moem can be found. Talent, galore!

And finally, we'd like to tip the rest of you off to an ...ummmm..."unique" journal for a certain book that has made the rounds Down Under. The latest journal entries are literally "out of this world". Wondering what we mean? Then scan through this journal and have fun!

In the News

No sooner was our last newsletter out than we got word of The Art of Book Dropping in the The Tyee, the "alternative daily newspaper reaching every corner of B.C. and beyond" (Canada). Featured in the article are wiggsy and author Laisha Rosnau. The article's author recounts her own experience of releasing East of the Mountains as well.

Plus, BookCrossing has been recognized by This is True as the Bonzer website of the Week. Websites of the week are considered those "Interesting Sites that are Beyond the Microsoft/AOL-Time Warner/Media Megalith" ("Bonzer" is Australian slang meaning "great" or "excellent". The word is pretty much out of favor in Australia, but most of the rest of us know it from movies).

Not only did Sunneschii get this release picked up, but the finder was a reporter, who then wrote an article on BookCrossing! Though it's not yet journaled "officially" on the site, it's journaled in a different way! For those who read German, the article is copied here; for English readers, it is here.

A big thanks to TheMiramis, who alerted us to the recent mention of BookCrossing on a TV show on Canal in France called "Nous ne sommes pas des anges" ("We are not angels"). Angels? Maybe not, but Book Lovers, yes!



by collaborative from chit-chat (retc)

Another piece of entertainment from the Chit-Chat forum, inspired by the children's book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, a collaborative effort by some creative BookCrossers....

[read it all at]

Busted by Mall Police
by mississippimom

Well... It all started with good intentions! The Memphis Area BookCrossers just wanted to celebrate World Book Day by getting together and releasing a few books at the major downtown mall. ...

[read it all at]

BookCrossing-action in Vienna (Austria)!
by German by Lightdancer; English by Sunneschii (Sunneschii)

Am heutigen Tag des Welttag des Buches haben sich einige Wiener BookCrosser wieder dazu entschlossen einen Massen-Release im ersten Bezirk zu gestalten. Aus Spenden und dem eigenen Fundus wurden knapp 300 Bücher gesammelt und dafür verwendet.

Gegen 10 Uhr morgens trafen sich SabinaLorenz, Rianonne und ich am Stephansplatz, bei strahlendsten Wetter. Zuerst begaben wir uns auf die Suche nach einem Einkaufwagen, den wir für all die Bücher verwenden wollten. Nach einigem Hin und Her konnten wir tatsächlich bei dem Drogeriemarkt Bipa einen bekommen – danke an die Filialleiterin dort! Mit dem noch leeren Wagen fuhren wir zu meinem Auto um den ersten Karton umzufüllen und ihn außerdem mit hübschen selbstgemachten Plakaten zu schmücken. So ausgerüstet machten wir uns auf den Weg. Man hat vorher keine Ahnung, wie laut so ein metallischer Einkaufswagen auf Kopfsteinpflaster sein kann und dementsprechend erregten wir großes Aufsehen. Unsere Plakate wurden teils verwundert, teils ungläubig, teils staunend gelesen und lockte die Menschen an. Ich weiß nicht mehr, wie oft wir erklärten, was BookCrossing ist und wie es funktioniert. Schon nach etwa 1 ½ Stunden war unser erster Schwung an Büchern weg. Als wir unsere Wege zeitweilige zurückverfolgten, lagen keine Bücher mehr da. Viele Passanten hielten uns sehr lange auf, in dem sie in den Büchern wühlten, selbst eine alte Tram-Bahn mit Manner-Aufschriften wurden von uns als Release-Ort erwählt, ebenso wie Pantomimen. Ein Buch darf sich sogar auf das sonnige Spanien freuen, denn seine jetzige Besitzerin war fasziniert von BookCrossing und will es mit nach Hause nehmen. Sie hat uns sogar zur Erinnerung fotografiert. Leider wussten die wenigsten, dass am 23. April der Welttag des Buches ist, was ich persönlich sehr schade finde und mich andererseits dafür noch mehr motiviert das Lesen wieder näher zu bringen....

[read it all at]

Changing Iraq one book at a time
by DocCrabtree

Among the hustle and bustle of the al-Faw Palace (pictured), formerly one of Saddam's residences and now headquarters for Multinational Corps Iraq, is a small table with a few paperbacks on it. These books are all donated by well-wishers and form one of the first BookCrossing zones in Iraq.


[read it all at]

The effects of BookCrossing
by WistfulDragon

BookCrossing has done some amazing things to/for me in the last two years....

[read it all at]

Literary Terrorism
by Charlestonelle

I’d picked my spot carefully. A bus stop (with shelter and seat) next to a few small shops and opposite a local library. It also appeared to be ‘on route’ for lots of school kids. My book, Terry Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men, had been labelled with a BookCrossing bookplate, and was safely inside a re-sealable freezer bag, for extra protection against spring showers. The bag was suitably emblazoned with ‘FREE BOOK’ and ‘Please Read Me!’ as well as the BookCrossing web address, all written in thick black permanent marker for extra visibility....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

1 year & 11 months, and a new member!

I'd long ago resigned myself to the belief that it'd been trashed or something. I can't believe Spartn remembered when and where he/she found it!
by macdonv

Recent successes
I've been have some mild success lately. Yay!: Left in Central Park during Christo's The Gates display, picked up almost instantly, and seems to have resulted in a new member and a release in Mexico. I left it at a C&O Canal lock during my recent trip to Virginia/Maryland/D.C. and it was picked up by a jogger. Initial journal entry was by AnonymousFinder, but he seems to have become a member since. Released during the same VA/MD/DC trip and caught and resulted in a new member and rerelease. This recent one at Columbia Univ. is still Anonymous. Released at the "Loo with a View" in Mooloolaba, Qld, Australia, and caught by AnonymousFinder. Not clear if it is still in the wild. Ten months from release at Columbia to journal. Anonymous. An NZ convention release in Akaroa. New member.

by thebiblioholic

After 10 months, I got a journal from China!
I had sent this book to Karats to be part of an m-bag to a school in China. Just got the journal this morning!
by MaryZee

Book helps finder quit smoking!
Maybe I should buy this book... :o)
by apapsa

It's Pete's Day!
I woke up to a wild catch from the Christchurch convention, the flashmob, no less, then had one from Archer City in Texas, now comes one from San Francisco!

Don't know what it is about SF that attracts Aussies....

Yes I do. It's a beautiful city, and Australians have a particular eye for beauty.

by Skyring

Cosmic coincidence
by MaryZee

Christchurch Convention Flashmob Release Caught!
"It had a big Sticker on it that said 'Take me' so who was I not to take it!"

This is the book that won me the prize for "Best Themed Release" at the Christchurch Bookcrossing Convention, when I released "In the Pond" in the pond in the location where we held our Flashmob. A month later and it's picked up!

I've been Bookcrossing for over two years, but I still get a thrill when my books are found after a wild release!

Pete, over the moon in the Tim-Tam cafe
by Skyring

Yes, we get it! ~groan~
This AF is a punster:
by mojosmom

Re: OK, now I have to share a story
ROFL! Thanks for sharing: )
by Antof9

One of my ATM releases caught - six months later (and two states away)...

I was glad to hear from this book, and am guessing that it's another case of "journaled after being read"- but I can't decide whether to add more explicit "please journal as soon as you find me" notes to my books or just leave things as they are. While it would be great to know that a book's been picked up, these late-coming entries make nice surprises. Decisions, decisions...
by GoryDetails

"Snuggles" book caught
BXer RainDrop162004 had requested releases in memory of her guinea pig, Snuggles (you can see pix of the sweetie pet on her shelf). I "freed" this pet book yesterday, at a site where I have been freeing books for YEARS with no luck. This one was caught! Yippee!
by watchcat

Another Canadian Forces catch
This one was caught in Bosnia and released again in Croatia.

Note to self: include more high-brow literature in the next care package.
by Miss-Efficiency

Funny mafia release!

The anonymous finder of this one has a hilarious little story about seeing it released. Great journal entry!
by Ri

2 for 2 AND 2 for 2!!!
This morning I posted about getting a second catch in the same spot as one several months ago and the person became a member Well, tonight, I find out that one of my Book and the Rose releases got caught, and another member! 2 new members from wild releases today! I am so hyped!
by reddragonlady

Totally unrelated - just 2 really cute catches (be sure to read the 4th journal entry) (be sure to read the release notes)
by MaryZee

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