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April 14, 2005
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BOOKCROSSING NEWS nominated for two 2005 Webby Awards

The New York Times calls the Webbys "The Oscars of the Internet" and the Los Angeles Times hails them as the "only awards show for internet sites that matters." On April 12, 2005, we were excited to learn that we'd been nominated by the International Academy of Digital Arts of Sciences, an organization of over 500 leading industry experts, evangelists, and visionaries, for a Webby in both the Community and the Social Networking categories. Winners will be announced May 3rd, then will be honored at a gala celebration on June 6th at Gotham Hall in New York City.

You can help us win! If you think deserves a Webby award in one or both of those categories, please take a few minutes right now to put in your vote(s) for the People's Voice awards:


then let us know the current vote count in this forum thread. Thank you!

The BIG Release event in Guadalajara

Many of you have noticed the growing number of books being registered by guadalajara and wondered what was going on. We checked in with the folks involved, and it's some pretty exciting stuff!

Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico) has been designated American Capital of Culture 2005. The BookCrossing community there hopes to spotlight BookCrossing as one of the cultural events planned for this year, and later on continue it in the whole country. On Saturday April 17, they will be releasing all of the books they have registered! That's 14,005 (and climbing!) One of the Guadalajara BookCrossing goals is to become part of the top ten bookreleasers in the world, and it surely looks as if they will make it. They've promised us an article (in English and Spanish) to tell us how it all goes. °Buena suerte!

Not able to make it to a Convention? How about Basel? Or Paris?

The German BookCrossing community is planning another International Meet-up! (Last year's meeting in Tbingen was a great success!) This year, we will meet from 5 — 8 May in Basel, Switzerland. At the same time, Basel will also be host to the BuchBasel book fair. We will visit the fair together, take a sightseeing tour in Basel and chat a lot! We hope many BookCrossers from many different countries will attend. You don't have to speak German! More information is available in the forum (Links to information in several languages can be found there>) And the event website has more information as well.

Sunneschii has kindly translated the information for us into German: Wie letztes Jahr in Tbingen, wir mchten auch dieses Jahr wieder ein Internationales Treffen der Deutschsprachigen Community machen! Dieses Jahr, freuen wir uns, euch alle vom 5. bis zum 8. Mai in Basel begrssen zu drfen. Zur selben Zeit findet in Basel die BuchBase statt, eine Buchmesse, die wir auch besuchen werden. Ausserdem stehen noch auf dem Programm eine Stadtfhrung, Lesungen und natrlich viel Zeit um miteinander zu plaudern. Wir hoffen dass mglichst viele kommen knnen! Mehr Informationen findet ihr unter:

Image hosted by
The French BookCrossers have already organised several meetings called MBC (Mega BookCrossing), where BookCrossers from all over the world (well. .. so far mainly France and its surrounding countries) meet. We choose a place (a park or some streets) where, during two hours, a big hide and seek takes place. Each person releases and finds books and those who want can meet at the end of the day to share their findings and their feelings.

The next MBC will take place in Paris on 18 June. Bacicoline writes, "We would love to meet some non-French speaking BookCrossers. That is why we chose to release our books both in the Parc Montsouris and in the Citť Universitaire. This time, the hunting will probably end with a picnic, we hope it will be just under la Tour Eiffel."

( Photograph courtsey of newk, taken when he visited the fair city of Paris.)

Charleston SC BookCrossers and Trident Literary Association: partners in promoting literacy

Big things are beginning in Charleston, SC. Local BookCrossers and Trident Literacy, a South Carolina organization working to help adults learn to read, reason and write, have joined together to promote literacy, spread the word about TLA and BookCrossing, and to get books into the hands of low literacy populations. TLA offers instruction using a self-paced, individualized curriculum in reading, writing, mathematics, English as a Second Language, GED preparation, and basic computer use. A recent bookfair for TLA raised $1200. The remaining, unsold books have been donated to Charleston area BookCrossers to register and leave in the wild. Each book is registered with BookCrossing, and also bears a cover sticker with information on TLA. One Charleston BookCrosser said, "The power of literacy can change lives. Through our partnership, we hope to help distribute free books at various locations in the Charleston area to the public, especially to those individuals who might lack resources and access to literature. We would like to make the world a library, and help make those who currently lack the resources part of the reading public."

In addition, children's books remaining after the sale are being donated to Rutledge Coffee and Cream, which is near schools in a transitional neighborhood, where many of the adults are of low literacy. Putting books in the hands of children and introducing the magic of reading is one of the possible best ways to promote literacy.

A book by any other name....

Entries are flooding in for the Name the Baby contest announced last week. We've discovered that BookCrossers are indeed a clever bunch. We've had lots of Pages, Page Turners and Paiges, Bookies, BeeCee's and Libbies. Our heads are spinning! Some of the submissions have been just great. We're narrowing down the list to the most popular and most creative. From that group will come the nom de plume for our favorite Running Book. Keep watching for details! And thanks to all who have sent in suggestions. All 528 of you! You're the best!

National Library Week April April 10-16, 2005

Libraries. .. what a great thing to celebrate! Click on over to the American Library Association website and see what's planned for the week. Then, get in the act and celebrate too! (Even the US version of Google seems to have gotten in on the act. If you are out of the US, or cannot get the festive version of the Google image, click here.)

Sale at the Store!!!

Summer's a comin' (well, in some hemispheres, it is)! Are you ready? Make sure your glasses don't get wild released when you're out by using our BookCrossing Lanyard to keep those precious lenses close by. Regularly available at the supply store for $3.95, order now and you'll get one for $2.45! To order, click on over to the Supply Store. While you're there, don't forget to check out the other fabulous items available, such as release supplies, tee shirts, caps and more!

(Art work once again provided by jellylava. For full details on how our Book learned to dive, click here and scroll down.)

In the News

For starters, both bookcrossing (the noun, not the site) and flashmob got a mention in a recent review in The Star Online of the Concise Oxford English Dictonary (11th Edition).

Then, the Herald Dispatch, had a great article featuring moldovagirl and her planned trip at the end of April to Moldova. She taught there for two years and is currently gathering books for friends and universities. Books in English are hard to come by there, and greatly appreciated. Good luck, moldovagirl! And safe travels!

BookCrossing shares the spotlight with the "One Book, One City" programs that have been running in such places as Boulder, Salt Lake City, Pasadena, and Iowa's "All Iowa Reads". A fascinating article in the North Iowa Globe Gazette.

Our apologies to our New Zealand BookCrossing buddies. We somehow missed this article about a special release event to honour author and teacher Bronwyn Tate, who died in Palmerston North on 25 February. Participants in this BookCrossing event are being encouraged to choose either one of Bronwyn Tate's books or a novel by another New Zealand author. The event is organized by LisaEm and was brought to our attention by abbynormal92243.

As the April 18 date for Book Aid International's Mass Release approaches, prepare to be flooded with news as well as with books! The first radio interview we know of in connection with the BookAid/BC Event will be on The Arts Show on Radio Scotland on Thursday eve between 6.10 and 7.00pm (local time). They are interviewing Michael Murpurgo, the children's laureate and one Scottish bookcrosser (aka swan-scot!) who will be at home that evening instead of wandering the hills looking for good release spots! Here's a link to the Radio Scotland piece. To hear the piece and Michael Murpurgo and swan-scot, you'll need to click the link for "listen again".


or, Why Books Want to be Read
by J. L. Gibbons (Meirionwen)

Spring cleaning, Fall cleaning, itís always the same; books are raked from their shelves willy-nilly, and jumbled about sans regard for their individual status among their peers. Biographies and histories mixed amongst contemporary novels; science fiction and Shakespeare lie in heaps side by side; ornithology and proctology dust covers grate irritatingly against one another. Meanwhile, shelves are dusted, books are dusted, and once more said books are returned to their shelves. On occasion, I have heard the rumor that in most homes the entire process takes only a matter of minutes, or a few hours at best; much to the contrary, in this humble repository the erstwhile dusting and shelving may last for days....

[read it all at]

she had the best of intentions to return my "lost" book to me
by joannajw

I left my book plastered with stickers: front, back and inside. If anyone picked it up, they could not possibly miss the BookCrossing stickers....

[read it all at]

Why it isn't wise to spy on your own books
by verian

This morning I tagged and bagged four books and set off to some rather nice public gardens to release them on public benches where they could have a nice sit down before being caught. Everything went to plan until I made what I now come to think of as a particularly stupid error. At the time I didnít know the horror I was about to inflict on myself but Iím several hours older now and quite a bit wiser. Let me explain:...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

finding this book was a bit freaky
woo hoo it's been ages since I had a wild release caught!

and another freaky thing is that I used to live in Bedford!
by ozone-nut

This one has been waiting 1 year + 8 months for a journal
by owlet

2 years & 2 months
This book was released when I was very new at bookcrossing in a toilet in a very small holiday town.The moral of the story is never give up on book releases,this would be my longest time frame for a book to be found.Also the reason I love bookcrossing.

by lytteltonwitch

It's a wonder that this book survived the USPS!

alrescate sent me a PM about this, and it figures--it would have to be Skyring's book! But it survived!

And, take a look at the photo on the last journal entry--it sure didn't look like that when I sent it! The only thing that stayed on was the home made 'Media Mail' label!
by scavok

"You have given the staff at our building a very good laugh"
Woo hoo! Monopoly catch! Caught before I could journal it!

Pete, tired but happy
by Skyring

Not sure if they sold it or bought it
I released a religious book at a church labyrinth. The journal entry is cryptic- - are they selling it at a garage sale, or did they buy it there? In either case, it's clear they weren't all that taken with the book. See:
by Cpetersky

Nice catch for LadyMacB in the UK.

She's one for one in the release department!
by kiptrix

I got a catch and a new member!
This is my first wild release that's been caught and journalled by a new member.

Here's a photo of General Eisenhower stood at the same spot where I left the book-
by drutt


Stuck in a bookcrossing rut? Seeking guidance for your next wild book release safari? Here are some fresh ideas posted by members in our Release Challenges forum to whet your adventure appetite. And if you can think of other timely or unique challenges, post them to the forum and you may see them here in the next newsletter!

National Library Week
by rebiccola

Movie Challenge -
by toomuddyboots

IKEA 2005 please post the released books here:
by Raffizack

BookAid Mass Release - 18 April UK-wide
by swan-scot

Accomplishments for the April "Flights of Fancy" release challenge!
by appaloosatb

Arthritis Walk-You Can Make a Difference Challenge
by bethieb

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