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April 6, 2005
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Name The Baby!

Here's an opportunity (and a challenge) for you to be a part of BookCrossing history: Our favorite little yellow running book will be 4 years old in April, and it's about time we named the baby!

So, please submit your idea to with your name entry only IN THE SUBJECT LINE and, if necessary, an explanation in the e-mail body as to "why" or "what this means." Please include your BC screen name in your email as well.

A short list will be narrowed down in 7-10 days and opened for BookCrossing member votes. If we are able to judge a book by its lover, a winner will be announced and winged for a year!

A member may send more than 1 entry but please enter only one name per email. Only entries submitted via the email will be considered... and no bribing of the judges (but we do like chocolate and cookies. ;) Have fun!

Book Aid International and BookCrossing: A Big Event April 18!

You’ve heard the rumours; now, find out the truth about the thrilling upcoming BC event! On 18th April, Alexander McCall Smith, Ruth Rendell, Philip Pullman, Tracy Chevalier, William Boyd, AS Byatt, Joanna Trollope and Doris Lessing are among thousands of readers and other authors who will release a book for Book Aid International. Netstation has amazingly co-ordinated UK BookCrossers, aka BCUK, who will release over 1,500 books (some of which can be found here) across the UK to celebrate the launch of Book Aid International’s Author Association. Both BookCrossing and Book Aid International share a simple aim: to share books with the world.

Book Aid International has been working for over fifty years to get books into the hands of readers who need them. In the developing world, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren, teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, mechanics, farmers and book lovers have their lives enriched by the access to books and information Book Aid International provides.

bookplate labels... All books released will be marked with the 12th Edition bookplate: ‘Opening up the World through Books’, designed by the UK illustrator Hannah Firmin, famous for her distinctive ‘No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ cover designs.

Bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith is delighted to be taking part in the initiative: ‘Nobody who has been in a developing country and seen the hunger for the printed word could ask what is the point of Book Aid International. The work of this organisation responds to that hunger and brings knowledge and pleasure to many, many thousands of people throughout the world. This is a cause which I recommend to you with all my heart. Please support it’.

Book Aid International’s Author Association aims to harness the energy and enthusiasm of authors to promote reading and learning opportunities for readers in the world’s poorest communities.

Join in! You can help raise awareness of this great cause by…

  • Buying a label and releasing a book for Book Aid International
  • Downloading the press release and telling your local media
  • Taking part in a special book drive
  • Donating the price of a book to Book Aid International – it costs them less than $3 to get a book into the hands of a reader in Africa. Just think what they can do with the price of a hardcover!

Conventions past, (almost) present and future

2005 BookCrossing Convention T-shirt We're still hoping for more details, but the New Zealanders have asked that anyone interested in Convention details be pointed to the Convention Journal. It's wildly entertaining and full of BookCrossing antics and PICTURES!

And WhiteRaven13 is consolidating the adventure by riding her motorcycle to the Fort Worth Convention. From California, it's about a 4000 mile round trip (with detours), and she'll be journaling the adventure whenever she can get to a wireless connection. She's also registered a blank journal which will get journaled (Skyring-style!) along the way, and will be indulging in her passion for historical marker hunting! You can follow her trip here. Book Crossers along the way are welcome to PM her — maybe you will get a chance to meet for coffee! Drive safely!

Don't forget that you can now register for the June 2005 Aussie Convention at the Brisbane Bookcrossing Website The email addy is

(pictured: The fabulous 2005 Fort Worth Convention Tee Shirt, available at the Supply Store. Get 'em while they last!)

A little treat for Day of the Book and the Rose

Wondering how to get out the word about The Day of the Book and the Rose and World Book Day on April 23? Here's some help from the fabulously talented shh-girl. She has created two wonderful labels for us to use. One is for books released in honor of these events, and one is for books released on the actual day. (Rumor has it that antof9 helped with the text of the labels.) Both labels can be found at the label page of yvi-1's website or at Wren's Crossing, hosted by texaswren. And at Wren's Crossing, you can also link to the beautiful inserts made last year by BlueAmazon for World Book Day 2004!

One more idea came in from reddragonlady who will be placing a single rose in some of the books she plans to release on April 23.


The answer in poetic form from several BookCrossers
by various creative bookcrossers (yvi-1)

Have you ever been asked "What do you do there all the time??" by a loved one or maybe a not-so-loved one? Regular forum chit-chatters have. Zz-neena came up with her own poetic answer to the question, and then posed it to other BookCrossers in the Chit-Chat Forum. A bunch of creative BookCrossers answered. So if you've ever wondered what it is that some of us are doing in Chit-Chat, enjoy the verse below, and then come join us! ...

[read it all at]

More on scouts and BookCrossing
by ThanksMom and PurplePeeps (ThanksMom)

The world needs more Random Acts of Kindness. And just one way to spread kindness in our world is through BookCrossing. When Junior Girl Scouts (ages 8 to 11) in the Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, area wanted to spread some kindness, BookCrossing was one of the venues. The girls were working on their Bronze Award, the highest level of Girl Scouting for Juniors....

[read it all at]

How easy it is to make new book friends
by Jebbie74

Bookrings . . . don't you just love them? Such an awesome opportunity to not only meet new friends, but see just exactly where a book may have traveled. Does this mean that people in Cyprus, Australia and all over the Americas have the same feelings about these characters that I do? Not necessarily, but that's part of the fun!...

[read it all at]

Rescued from the Oxfam Cull!!
by peaceangel

Recently, BookCrossing has led me, among other places, to our local Oxfam shop, in search of – you’ve guessed it - books! Before long I noticed that the music items were a bit untidy, and being rather into singing in choirs and listening to music, I found myself volunteering to help in that department. It also gave me the chance to get behind the scenes of the book department too! While I'm sorting and pricing CDs, another lady volunteer is sorting and pricing books. I now know her day for doing it, and can time my arrival for about mid-afternoon, when there is a sizable box of discarded books ready to be 'culled', i.e., taken to the skip at the local council yard. My rummaging is not quite approved of, but it does make her trip lighter, so she doesn't complain too much. She thinks I'm mad anyway! 'That one has pages missing!' 'That one's dirty!' 'That's out of date!' etc., but I continue unabashed . . . it's also to her advantage that I am there to stay in the shop while she makes her trip to the dump....

[read it all at]


Want to write for BookCrossing? If your article is accepted, you could see it featured here in the next newsletter. What topics do we need? Anything about books, reading, or BookCrossing — tutorials, release and catch stories, well-traveled book stories, funny BookCrossing experience stories — you get the idea. Write it up, then submit it here:


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Beginner's luck
A new BookCrosser joins a couple of weeks ago, registers and releases her first book and it's caught, journalled and appreciated soon after. Wouldn't it be nice if all newbies experienced this kind of luck?
by bluenoser

My longest time until an entry!
by Earthdance

now that's what we want!
by pam99

We are a year two class in Perth.

I love this! The book is going from school to school. :)

by aress

A book goes barhopping!
by mojosmom

This one strikes me funny!
A successful release with a new member, for what sounds like a terrible book.
by kiptrix

My fastest catch ever!
I just released this book this afternoon, and I think the car that drove up 30 seconds later picked it up. And journalled! Hooray!
by RedheadRaye

Does the trip really take this long...?
A book left on a bus from Victoria to Darwin gets to the bus station almost a year later!?
by Littlemave

"I think this is really groovy idea"
I am so excited, one of My Australia Day releases from last year- 14.5 mths in the wild, has been caught. I did the Dusties 7 in 1 day release challenge combined with Australia Day challenge (January 26th). I had one caught within a couple of weeks, a second one caught 13 months later and now a third one caught!
by meganh

Great journal entry from a new member - sounds like she and her BF might be hooked!

Glad I could bring at least a bit of happiness into her weekend!
by billsmith

A book about Mexico travels the globe:
by mojosmom

"now this is cool"

Great catch, journal entry and new member for billsmith.
by aress

A nice coincidence catch
look at this one:

isn't it cool, when a catch goes to someone who really wants the book?
by Flagund


Stuck in a bookcrossing rut? Seeking guidance for your next wild book release safari? Here are some fresh ideas posted by members in our Release Challenges forum to whet your adventure appetite. And if you can think of other timely or unique challenges, post them to the forum and you may see them here in the next newsletter!

Oxford Literary Festival - Brideshead Revisited
by Molyneux

UK Pages Turners release Challenge in April
by Hawkette

AIDSWALK/Walk-a-thon Challenge
by danadoodle

Multiple Sclerosis Release Challange
by gaspimper891

Nebo, Illinois has no library and desperately needs books.
by Trekwoman

Accomplishments for the April "Flights of Fancy" release challenge!
by appaloosatb

Red Hat Day 2005 Challenge
by grandymouse

New Challange: Bookcrossing Anniversary
by Jas330


Our forums offer hundreds of new topics each day. Here are a few recent ones you don't want to miss... jump right into the conversations!

Following other recent examples of themed releases...
started by swan-scot in Site Watch

Fantastic themed releases by skyring in London! With pictures!
started by bookczuk in Site Watch

Official FORT WORTH Convention Schedule - April 15-17, 2005 - CURRENT 3/31
started by First-Noel in Conventions and Meetings

Updated 2005 Convention registrations
started by Sonora in Conventions and Meetings

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