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January 27, 2005
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New handouts to help Teachers and Librarians introduce BookCrossing

It's finally happened. BookCrossing has had to go back to school, and yes, we're really excited about it! Scores of teachers and librarians have written to us and asked for help how to get BookCrossing implemented in their schools, classrooms and libraries. To help them out, we turned to the experts: YOU! Over the past few weeks we've been hard at work compiling some of the wonderful and effective ideas our members have incorporated into their classroom and library shelves. We just created two downloadable handouts to help you introduce BookCrossing in your (or your child's) classroom and/or library:

Both are PDF format, so you'll need the free Acrobat Reader software to open them. We know there are many more ideas out there, and can't wait to add them to our archives. Hopefully, these suggestions provide you with a great starting point. We also extend an extra, big "thank you" to all you teachers and librarians who helped us to make the grade on this project!

Update on Smooth Sailing with Celebrity Cruises and BookCrossing

Many BookCrossers have been wondering how to go about releasing books with our new partner Celebrity Cruises. According to the TV/Films/Libraries Specialist of Celebrity Cruises, Inc., "To launch the BookCrossing/Celebrity Cruises program, each of our nine libraries is donating 50 books from their catalogues. We will also be releasing all books donated to us from passengers during their cruise. The program is being actively promoted onboard all ships, so we expect to see many BookCrossers bringing their books to release! Logistically speaking, it would be impossible for us to accept books in the corporate office to disperse on ships when they (the cruises) are scattered all over the place at any given time." So, simply stated, book your ticket, grab your books and head off for a wonderful shipboard adventure!

Alibris is BookCrossing's newest bookseller affiliate

Alibris BookCrossing is proud to announce our new affiliation with, where you can find great deals on over 40 million used, new and out-of-print books! As a special incentive to BookCrossing members, Alibris is offering you the following coupons to help you save big and "catch" the books you thought you'd never find. When making your purchase at Alibris, please be sure to click through from our Buy Books page or any of the "" links next to individual titles on our site, so that BookCrossing gets credit for sending you their way! When placing your order, simply enter CROSSTHREE for $3 off a purchase of $30 or more, CROSSFIVE for $5 off a purchase of $50 or more or CROSSTEN for $10 off a purchase of $100 at checkout. Please, only one coupon per order customer. All coupons expire 13 February, 2005, so click on over to today!

Mustn't Miss Maynard's Muse!

bookplate labels It's a well-known fact that cats and books go together like peas and carrots (and they never, as any cat owner will tell you, fail to decide that the book you are reading right now is perfect for their afternoon nap). Maynard the Cat is no exception to this rule, and has chosen to further his education on topics like Meowzart - the Musical Cat, The Multiple Cat Family, and the pressing issue of what to do about feline insomnia. Of course, there is nothing like taking a break from the books to play with a bit of string, which is precisely what he has decided to do in this charming painting. Cat lovers and book lovers alike will no doubt love Maynard's Muse by Beverly Chick, our newly-released bookplate label. They’re selling quickly so collect yours today!


2005 Resolution: Read One Book Per Week
by neoluddites

I've always been a reader- my mother tells me I taught myself at age 3. I majored in English at college. I take my local library's summer reading challenge every year. And my family jokes about the number of books I own, which have been lugged from home to home throughout the years; I should really have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in every room! While I always have at least one book going, I've never undertaken a yearlong challenge. So I thought that 2005 might as well be the year!...

[read it all at]

A link on Bookcrossing started a 30 day journey
by theperthgirls

I was on the Bookcrossing site sometime in late October last year and clicked on the link that said NaNoWriMo – write a book in 30 days ( I had always wanted to write a book – goodness knows I have read heaps of them and I thought, "why not?" How hard could it be?...

[read it all at]

5 ways to have fun and support independent bookstores
by Larry Portzline (lportzline)

When I take busloads of booklovers to visit the terrific independent bookstores in other nearby cities for the day, the first question I always ask during my morning presentation is, "How many of you are real, honest-to-goodness book addicts?"...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Finder dies, widow does journal entry
by Cpetersky

From mee krob to mochas in more than a year!

Nice catch and new member for miketrollstigen!
by kiptrix

Restoring our faith
by Grorser

Hasta la Vista!!!! Check this out... Muy bueno!!!!
by cackleberry

It was a grand and wonderful day for the little girl!
by kiptrix

Wonder if Zelda's Cafe is still there...

Crap book, good idea though
by meganh

Dentist's office catch
by MaryZee

A very quick Lovecraftian catch for Greyflank...
by GoryDetails

Three wild catches so far!
by Scarlett17

Check out this release by a bookseller
by phillycarol

Oh yeah!
by LadyGothic

Book released and found at the Australia Open---
by kiptrix


Stuck in a bookcrossing rut? Seeking guidance for your next wild book release safari? Here are some fresh ideas posted by members in our Release Challenges forum to whet your adventure appetite. And if you can think of other timely or unique challenges, post them to the forum and you may see them here in the next newsletter!

March - Oh, the Place We Can Go Release Challenge
by Secretariat

Freedom to Read Week 2005 (February 20-26)...there are prizes!
by Freedomtoread04

Sundays in February
by Cyberkedi

So what do you think? Are you ready for another Secretariat challenge?
by Secretariat

[Update] Accomplishments for Jan 2005 Winter Wonderland Release Challenge
by Antof9

Valentines Day Challenge, save all your books with the word Love in the title, romance books,
by maggiemuffet


Our forums offer hundreds of new topics each day. Here are a few recent ones you don't want to miss... jump right into the conversations!

Question about condition of books to release...
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[Quiz] Which book am I ?
started by MrBones in Book Talk

We haven't had a good grammar/punctuation/usage thread in awhile...
started by Emperor-Fool in Chit-Chat

What's the best opening sentence you have ever read in a book?
started by WingedMan in Book Talk

What book is nearest you now?
started by SqueakyChu in Book Talk

Whose book are you reading now? Yours, the library's, or a fellow BookCrosser's?
started by SqueakyChu in Book Talk

What books are you reading on your journey to wellness or self discovery?
started by OMS in Book Talk

Vancouver Feb 17-18 Big Event
started by ottawabill in Announcements

Anything new on Starbucks as OBCZs?
started by baronreads in OBCZ Managers

Anyone working on the Toronto 2006 con yet?
started by AwesomeAud in Conventions and Meetings

2005 Registrations In
started by Sonora in Conventions and Meetings

I've just joined and am unsure how to get started
started by aress in Newbies

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