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December 16, 2004
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Wings for a Year and Gift Certificates added to Supply Store

'Tis the season to explore the Supply Store! Make sure you're in good shape for the coming year with a cart full of our new products.

wings for a year Wings for a Year
Having trouble remembering to renew your Wings every 30 days? Feeling a little naked looking at your bare screen name? Now you can buy Wings for yourself or your BC friends for a whole year at a discount! Thank you so much for your continued support of

bc gift certificate BC Gift Certificate
For that special Bookcrosser or potential Bookcrosser in your life. Let them wander our supply store and pick out just what would please them most. Available in a wide assortment of gift-giving ranges. Give the gift that is bound to please!

And the big hits are still in stock (although a reorder has taken place due to the demand):

BC Charms BC Charms
Use these snazzy charms to perk up your hoodie, sweatshirt or coat. Add a different color bead to each of six and you have instant wine glass charms. Put one on a chain, earrings or bracelet for a fabulous jewelry statement. Got another way to use them? Send us your idea and if it's a first for us, we'll feature it in our store.

BC Book Strings BC Book Strings
Hand crafted, unique, beaded bookmarks, specially made for Bookcrossing from an insanely-devoted Bookcrosser (hint: she is one of our awesome Support Agents. Can you guess which one?). Get a couple to mark the passages you want to remember when you make that special journal entry. Just don't cut the charm off or Heather will get upset!

BC Key Chain BC Key Chain
They are going quick, so get yours today to keep your keys in good company. A shiny yellow enamel charm adds life to your lonely keys... don't leave home without one!

Still no news regarding Dan

It seems we have been saying thank you a lot to our bookcrossing family and have not been able to give you very much in return with regards to news on our missing lead programmer, Dan Clune. Dan has not been seen since November 6. Dan's family has set up a website to consolidate all the information regarding his case:

Various articles on television, in the news and on blogs also detail information in Dan's disappearance. Thank you all who continue to post the links to these in the forums.

Please continue to send good thoughts and prayers toward Dan and his family and friends. If you would like to help the family and search effort financially, you have two options. The BookCrossing founders have set up a fund to which you may mail checks:

The Dan Clune Search Fund
Panhandle State Bank
P.O. Box 967
Sandpoint, ID 83864
Or, if PayPal is easier for you, BookCrosser casualreader is managing online donations at his site.

We wish we could give you news, but, unfortunately have none to share at the moment. Thank you for keeping Danny and those who love him in your thoughts. Your generosity of spirit continues to be an amazing inspiration.

The Bookcrossing Webring now links to 29 sites

Four months ago, yvi-1 brought together various websites around the world dedicated to providing additional resources for members of A webring links together sites with the same theme. The BookCrossing member websites have a logo on their main BookCrossing page. This logo has links to access the next site on the webring, to go the originating site, or to randomly go to another site in the ring. At last count, 29 sites had joined. The originating site can be found at Please consider joining if you have a BookCrossing-related website of your own.

Charleston OBCZ bookdrive and Bookcrossing Make Radio News

Rutledge Coffee and Cream in Charleston SC, is sponsoring a bookdrive to stock their OBCZ, particularly for kids books this Christmas Season. A local radio station, The Bridge 105.5 FM, is running a public service announcement on the drive every day from through Christmas Eve- Every hour at 20 minutes past the hour. The ad features Bookcrossing as a sponsor of the drive and of the OBCZ. RutledgeCoffee and Cream is located at 511 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403.

Author Michael Dean plugs BookCrossing in his $30 Writing School

$30 Writing School by Michael Dean $30 Writing School
by Michael Dean
reviewed by Reno

Some time ago I received an unsolicited copy of this book in the mail, and it likely would have gone straight onto Mount TBR had it not been for the accompanying cover letter, which started something like this:

Hey sir. I adore and I wrote a nifty essay to that effect. It's in my new book, $30 Writing School. Check out pages 309-311.

Call me easy, but that got my attention, and I read the book. While I'm not in Dean's target audience of aspiring writers, the book still entertained me for several hours—no mean feat for a technical how-to. He writes as one talks, and leaves the reader with no doubt that he's been there done that at most stops along the struggling writer's road. It's a heapful of practical writing wisdom and sly humor that will leave you wanting to hang with Dean in LA someday... which Kaori and I were lucky enough to do a few weeks back. The Thai food at Chan Dara was, like the company, most excellent. Thanks for the support, Michael.

Here's a bit of his essay re: BookCrossing:

$30 Writing School by Michael Dean

Please purchase your own copy of $30 Writing School at Amazon to read the whole thing, and to thank Michael properly for his support of our community.

Michael Dean also wrote $30 Film School, $30 Music School, The Simple Pleasures of a Complex Girl, and Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women. He's currently working on a documentary film of the life of Hubert Selby, Jr. (late author of Requiem for a Dream and Last Exit To Brooklyn).


The Bumper Sticker Guide To "Somebodies And Nobodies" by Robert W. Fuller.
by whitequeen

I don't want to be accused of trivialising an important social issue so lets be clear. I'm sold....

[read it all at]

To All the Books I've Loved Before, I'm Glad They Came Along
by John K. Gallaher (BigJohnLefty)

I can remember from an early age having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge… I don’t know exactly where it came from....

[read it all at]

(anyone want a statue of Confucius?)
by Nancy (quinnsmom)

This morning I took a tour of all of the bookshelves in my house for the sole purpose of examining what I am currently using for bookends. Among other things, I found a flowerpot, a pillar candle, stacks of books laying horizontally, an old, out-of -service electric pencil sharpener, a cast-iron Japanese teapot, a foot-high statue of Confucius (a present from my mother-in-law), and my personal favorite, a ceramic brontosaurus my daughter made six years ago in fourth grade. All have served their purpose nobly, but I’m ready to jazz up my shelves and get some real bookends. Up to now, like a lot of people, I thought bookends were a luxury – I mean, really, why buy real ones when you can use a statue of Confucius for the same purpose? ...

[read it all at]


by Nancy Moore (nancyluvsbooks)

It was a bustling day at the mall in the midst of the Christmas season. I stopped at the gourmet coffee shop, got myself a low-carb coffee drink, and sat down at a table in the middle of the mall. Pretending to be leisurely drinking my coffee, I anxiously peered about to find just the right table to make my drop, and pulled out the book I wanted to wild-release that day....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

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Great journal entry from a soldier (and he joined)
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This is What It's All About
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Stuck in a bookcrossing rut? Seeking guidance for your next wild book release safari? Here are some fresh ideas posted by members in our Release Challenges forum to whet your adventure appetite. And if you can think of other timely or unique challenges, post them to the forum and you may see them here in the next newsletter!

Start preparing for a January 2005 "Winter Wonderland" Release Challenge!
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Jane Austen Update
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The Ultimate Challenge
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12 days of christmas
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