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September 2, 2004
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BookCrossing Supply Store adds new product: Release Bags

Release Bags Releasing books into the wild is a marvelous experience, indoors or outdoors. Worried about the elements? Don't let rain or lightning steal your thunder! With these BookCrossing Release Bags, you can safely leave a book anywhere and know that it will be free from damage, ready to find its way to happy new homes around the globe. Clear, plastic zip-lock bags with easy, press-n-seal closure. 10 x 12 inches. 25 to a pack.

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Original artwork from our 2nd-edition bookplates, CROSSING ZONE by Penelope Cline, up for auction

We're pleased to announce this no reserve eBay auction for Crossing Zone by Penelope Cline. You may access the 7-day auction with this link:

This timeless piece is very relaxing to look at. The muted tones and soft lighting bring across a sense of pleasantness. This painting would do well in a living room or entry hallway, or would make a nice accent to a restaurant environment. It is on a crème matte with a gold pin stripe. 26cm X 36cm, horizontal, acrylic on heavy paper. Proceeds of the sale will go to support our website. Thank you for your support!

Crossing Zone by Penelope Cline


A poem
by Cynthia Adams (cynreads)

She has thousands of friends,
Always there for her.
They comfort her, thrill her, take her on marvelous adventures.
Her friends are paper and ink, cardboard and glue.

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Ten books my ideal man should have on his shelf
by h4yleyg

Nowadays, the search for the elusive Mr. Right is ever more difficult. No longer are young ladies introduced to suitors by relatives and friends; today, the modern woman has to go out and find a man herself. But how to sort the wheat from the chaff? What questions can you ask which will enlighten you as to the nature of your potential boyfriend's psyche? How do we know that we are not chatting to a serial killer over dinner, or sharing a cinema arm-rest with someone whose sole hobby is collecting ballpoint pens? How can you tell if the man who just bought you a drink is at all suited to your personality?...

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How I discovered the pleasure of finding and releasing books.
by brucen

This article is not about the website, but is about the concept of bookcrossing, or how I came to be involved in the concept....

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High School Students Read and Set Their Books Free
by Donna Cook (CentralHS)

Teen Read Week, created by the American Library Association to encourage reading by teenagers, is coming in October. As a school librarian in a high school in the piney woods of East Texas, encouraging reading by teenagers is my mission in life. This year my scheme is to give away 100 copies of Monster by Walter Dean Myers. As each student reads the book, he or she will take the Reading Counts quiz on the book, thereby satisfying English class requirements. But then the fun begins. The student will set his copy of Monster free. ...

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BookCrossing As Performance Art: Showing My Titles To All Who Care To Look!
by AnitaNovel

Who can resist the occasional magic trick? I love the illusion of a slight man in a cape transformed into a snarling tiger or a beautiful assistant floating without any visable support. The thrill of a magician's performance is in allowing yourself the feeling of open mouthed amazement. Trying to puzzle out how the magician stole my cynicism via a well-performed illusion is conversation fodder for an entire car ride home....

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Is the high culture going to just fade to the background?
by Hanna (mirz)

If people don't come to the literature, then the literature has to come to people. For too long we have been reading these horrifying news about children and youngsters how grow up with computer games and Internet. Their language skills are poor and they don't read too much. Of course computers and game consoles affect in different areas of life, for example crafts, but culture between covers is important to us....

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Stuck in a bookcrossing rut? Seeking guidance for your next wild book release safari? Here are some fresh ideas posted by members in our Release Challenges forum to whet your adventure appetite...

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