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July 22, 2004
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The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedYou may have heard of this new book - it's riding a nice little buzz wave with all the attention on U.S. politics these days. Written by internet and political campaign guru Joe Trippi, the brains behind Howard Dean's recent net-fueled and grassroots-driven presidential bid, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (HarperCollins) is the first book from a major publisher to mention BookCrossing. Whether or not you liked Dean, I think you'll find the book intriguing as a behind-the-scenes look at a presidential campaign in the internet age. It also makes a great book to open up and show your friends the BookCrossing mention—it'll prove to them we're real. Help support the site and purchase your copy from Amazon with this link:

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything

Here's a picture of the best page in the book (imho), with the best paragraph in the book marked with a red arrow:

book excerpt

In other BookCrossing book-mention news, be sure to read the article OXFORD INCLUDES BOOKCROSSING below, which tells about the first print dictionary in the world to include a definition for the word bookcrossing.


We're formalizing our new-feature beta testing and opening it up to select members. Several new features are ready for testing, including time zone adherance in the Release Notes and Go Hunting pages (I can hear the Aussies whoop now) and region spelling editing rights (to be assigned to volunteer members) so we can clean up the countries, states/provinces, and cities in our database a bit.

If you'd like to be involved in testing and giving feedback on the new features, which will be fully usable (to those with access) on our live data at, head over to our new Beta Site Forum at and express your intentions. Dan or I will be frequenting there, and will grant beta site access to those who ask nicely and who look like active members with constructive participation in the forums.


The wild releases we never find out about
by MyopicMeringue

I was chatting on the phone to my younger sister this morning. My sister doesn't read, except for the occasional 'fluffy' novel when she's on holiday. I decided to tell her about BookCrossing, fully expecting her to see it as further proof of the geekiness of her big sister....

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by mcwheltle (mcwheltle)

This is a great time to start a Bookcrossing Zone at your local pool. I just registered 60+ books that were either mine or inherited from a sister who doesn't have the time to register the books....

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First Experience
by KMA (needywriter)

The young, inconspicuous woman drove the car into an unoccupied space in the parking lot of one of the most visited malls in the state. Her heart beat quickly in her chest, pounding so loudly that she apprehensively glanced around her at the empty cars beside her own. She occasionally, and quite unconsciously, smiled and laughed at her own silliness, but she couldn't contain the enjoyment of the moment even though she feared it might be a matter of embarrassment, and that's what made her even more nervous. After all, she was new in town and had only visited the mall once before. ...

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A Trip to the Nation's Capital
by Julie Ford (jford22)

Planning a family trip to the Canberra for a few days involves an enormous amount of organisation, there is the dog, packing, food, accomodation AND .... (much to my husband's mirth) registering some books to release. My accomplice (Sarah aged 9 years) and I decided that some of the attractions may just be the place to make some "observed releases"....

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Finally! A Meetup!
by bossmare

After picking my choice for a meetup venue for two years and always being canceled, I figured that no one else in Casper Wyoming was a reader but for me, my immediate family, and a few friends. I thought, what a great way to meet people, have books journaled by other readers that like to read the same type books I did and have fun doing it and then to meet them in person! ...

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As the French say, "a chacun son goute"
by John K. Gallaher (BigJohnLefty)

Everybody seems to have their own interpretations for What BookCrossing Is All About. Although, as we all know, variety is the spice of life, we must still at all times maintain a certain respect and consideration for variety....

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Bookcrossing now an "official" word
by juffie

We just had a lovely holiday in Wales. Coming from the flat, low lands of Holland, it's quite an experience. O, how we loved the quiteness there up the hills. The only living beings we could see (and hear!) were the sheep. No telephone, no computer. Lots of books to read though. Heaven....

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In search of the reperior anonimus
by gwenwifar

Ah, the reperior anonimus, that shy and elusive creature that remains a mystery to us all, though we are often allowed a glimpse at its presence. Commonly known as the AnonymousFinder, the reperior anonimus is a little known sub-species of the Homo Bibliophilus, the Common Booklover....

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