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December 4, 2002

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moving mania

Whew, what a month. November, I mean. Since my last newsletter way back on October 24 (seems like yesterday), all the usual things happened, of course, like oodles of media attention (check out the sixteen or so new articles linked at, including Family Circle magazine and CNN/Headline News), doing the annual Thanksgiving family roadtrip thing, and keeping up project deadlines in my software company. But what really made November, um, special, was the "M" word. Moving. Kaori and the dog and the cats and the lizards and the hamsters and I finally decided to leave the concrete and steel of our downtown Kansas City loft for surroundings just the opposite - a quiet little Missouri lake community on the outskirts of the metro. Moving sounds so good before you've actually done it. Now that it's over I never, ever, want to do it again. But I think we did the right thing. As I write today I'm joined by about 15 songbirds six feet to my left, just outside my office windows, clamoring and fluttering over the bird feeder I affixed to the windowsill yesterday. Bright red male Cardinals, golden finches, and chickadees close enough to almost touch, staring at me as I type. Cool. Three years in the city, and the only wildlife I can remember seeing was pigeons, starlings, an occasional nighthawk, and an alley rat. And walking the dog in that same grassless alley was always such a joy. I think we and the dog had something to be truly thankful for this Thanksgiving.

But November is already over, and the next holiday looms with the promise of more traveling, more spending, and more stress. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Solstice, this is the season of giving, and books are always appreciated. Consider releasing some extra books to the homeless, to the needy, to the young. Make a difference in just one person's life with a selfless act, and your holiday will be a success.

visit A final Christmas thought: if you've procrastinated buying a Christmas tree, and still need a nice one but don't want to hassle with lines, cold weather, or strapping it to the roof of your car, I've got a good friend named Michele Bosack who has a huge tree farm in the Appalachian mountains called Blue Mountain Trees (, and she's been selling and shipping fresh Christmas trees to folks all over North America for three years now. You can order right online (I built her website, it's secure) or call her toll-free at (888)220-TREE, and be sure to tell her I sent you. She'll treat you right, and you'll love both the quality of the tree and the convenience of having it shipped directly to your door.

monthly meetups pick up steam

bookcrossing meetups If you enjoy the virtual community of book lovers on, you'll really enjoy meeting other BookCrossers in person each month. In almost every big city around the world, our members have been meeting on the second Tuesday of every month, at 7:00 PM your time. The site makes it all possible, and it couldn't be easier to get involved. Just pick a city and register, and their system will email you notifications of the meetings, let you vote on the venue, and show you other BookCrossers who have registered near you.

And get this: over 1,800 BookCrossers have signed up for local meetups already, making BookCrossing the 8th-most-popular topic on the system! If you haven't done it yet, and 65,000 or so of you haven't, please take a moment and head on over to and register. The higher-up the Top 10 Topics list we go there, the more people will find out about BookCrossing via the Meetup site.


huntington beach bookcrosser photographs hundreds of releases

Every newsletter a BookCrosser is awarded an item of their choice from the BookCrossing Store. I try to select the member who did the most for the BookCrossing Movement since the previous newsletter. The lucky member this time is:
gameface from Huntington Beach, California, USA
Click for larger version of picture... Gameface has released 756 books since joining on July 1 of this year, and the majority of those have been released in the wild and photographed in and around Huntington Beach. Shown here is the picture of his release of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, by Fannie Flagg. Left on a pier by the beach, the book was gone the next day, and reported caught ten days later.

Please help me thank gameface for his extensive releasing and photography by sending him a nice private message from his bookshelf page at


win $250 by releasing Saint Nick

Our newest Contest Book...

Saint Nick Saint Nick (the play)
by Gary Ogden Harper
Paperback, 98 pages
Published by Prairie Valley Films
Reviews of this comedy play about the real Santa Claus can be found at
Contest Prize: $250 Book Shopping Spree
Contest Rules: Become a "Secret Santa," and, after reading the play, release a copy of Saint Nick at a location where you think "St. Nick" himself would want to place a free copy. It would be better found and read by a teenager or an adult, rather than a young child. The picture must clearly show the book cover, some identifying sign for the location, and your rationale for releasing it there. Having you in the picture would be nice, too, but isn't mandatory. We will choose a winner at random from the qualified entries the week following the contest end date (December 31, 2002). You can visit the author's website at

And like always, to get this off to a fast start, I have 9 copies of Saint Nick to give away FREE! I can only mail these free books to the continental U.S., so if you qualify, I'll give the first 9 members who send an email right now to "" with a subject line of "Please send me Saint Nick by Gary Ogden Harper". NOTE: you MUST include your full name and mailing address in the body of the email. For my international friends, please note that even though I cannot mail you free copies of the book, you are still welcome to enter the contest for your chance to win the $250 prize.

Continuing Contest Book...

Now You See Me Now You See Me
by Tina Wainscott
Paperback, 384 pages
Published by St Martins
Reviews of this exciting paranormal mystery/thriller can be found at
Contest Prize: $250 Book Shopping Spree
Contest Rules: In honor of the heroine's guide dog, Stasia, release a copy of Now You See Me at any dog-related location, such as humane societies, pet stores, or pet sections of supermarkets, and on your release notes journal entry, submit a picture taken at that release location. The picture must clearly show the book cover, and some identifying background from the location. Having you in the picture would be nice, too, but isn't mandatory. We will choose a winner at random from the qualified entries on December 15, 2002.

Full contest details, and all the current entry pictures, can be found at

Past contest books and winners can be found at


how you can help the movement

These tips will always be included at the bottom of our newsletter. If you have something to add to this list, please reply and I'll include it next issue.
  • Use the Tell-A-Friend feature at the website: to quickly tell one, or one hundred, friends about BookCrossing by email.

  • Help support BookCrossing financially by buying books from our bookseller associations - we make a small commission, and every dollar helps to keep memberships free, and keep the site banner-ad free, forever. Just start your book-buying sessions from our Buy page which has search forms for,, and

  • Forward this Newsletter to your friends, along with a personal request that they join.

  • Tell your local coffee shops and used bookstores about BookCrossing. The best way is to print out the new Crossing Zone signs/flyers at and leave several with them. Have them contact me for details on becoming a featured Crossing Zone, since we'll be listing those on the site in the near future.

  • If you know anyone in the media biz (radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, publishing, etc.), make sure to tell them about BookCrossing and encourage them to feature it. Stress to them the nobility of our cause, the grass-roots growth efforts, and the warm fuzzies it will give their audience.

  • If you've got a website, make sure to grab one of our eye-catching logos and link code from our Link To Us page: and put it on your site.

  • When you talk to your friends who love books, be sure to talk to them about BookCrossing. There is no influence more powerful than personal word-of-mouth.

  • Finally, the most obvious way to spread the word: release your books into the wild, or share them with friends! Each one is a little mobile billboard for BookCrossing, and will help convince others to share in kind.

Thanks for reading this far, and until next time, Happy Holidays and Happy Crossing!


Ron Hornbaker
Founder and Editor,

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