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corner corner My BookCrossing Reputation Proceeds Me

When my day job collides with my passion for books.

by Jayebirck
October 14, 2010

Everyone at work knows about my passion for books and reading. Since I work at a school, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Teachers, administration and students all know that I spend the year working towards my goal of at least 100 books read. "What book are you on now Mrs. B?"

I received permission to set up a book basket in the teachers' lounge. I drop books into it that are registered with BookCrossing. They travel for a bit and return. Sometimes I am lucky enough to find new books in the basket, which I register and return to the basket. Some of the books journey out into the wild world, if I am lucky I also am gifted with a journal entry.

The day before we released for summer vacation this year, a teacher handed me a satchel full of books. "For you to register at BookCrossing," she said, "My son found these next to a dumpster at college. I told him I knew who to give them to and to bring them all home!" I took the loot home and discovered 18 new copies of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I have one set aside for my son, who will need it next year for literature class. The remainder I have registered and only a couple remain to be released into the world.

My teacher friend has already emailed me-- I have more books for you to register and release! I guess I need to order more supplies from the BC store as part of my back to school shopping.

Oh, when they ask me next week, I'll tell them I am on book number 62 and that I released 100 books into the wild since the end of May. I might even wear my BC t-shirt that first day we go to set up the classrooms. I'll be the aide with the armload of books for the book basket in the lounge.

Happy Reading y'all!

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