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corner corner 10 days left for the Greek Convention!

We still have a lot to do but almost every day is dedicated to the convention.

by ThessalonikiBC
May 10, 2010

1st of May: We welcomed spring with a picnic by the seaside where we had a special workshop for the convention. We created hand-made post cards for a game that is going to begin at the convention and we hope that it will become part of the Greek conventions’ heredity. More to tell after the convention, since until now it is a well-kept secret!

We also helped Bibliography (student of library science) to create at her university’s library show window a BookCrossing theme. She wanted to alert people on reading and on a book’s liberty. We thought that flying and running fake books would serve this idea perfectly.

2nd of May: Thessaloniki’s community had its final meetup before the meeting and a lot of people wanted to know how they could help. It was the perfect opportunity to organize a few more workshops.

At the same day FileasF, a scuba diver BookCrosser took a book with him at his exploratory expedition in the deep blue sea of Chalkidiki! He dove with the book at 20 meters depth beyond sea level, took some astonishing pictures of the book and now he is restoring the book in order to bring it to the convention!

3rd of May: A cinema club decided to dedicate their final screening to BookCrossing. They enjoyed Fahrenheit 451, a film written and directed by François Truffaut and starring Oskar Werner and Julie Christie at Cine Fargani. After the screening members of the club released hundreds of books at the cinema and the surrounding area. Special thanks to TasiaS that organized the screening and the event. We are trying to convince them that Cine Fargani would be a great OBCZ but that will be decided at October.

8th of May: We had a small but very creative party at mafaldaQ’s house. This workshop was about convention’s books and some other special surprises. All participating BookCrossers brought lots of food and desserts. We were creating, chating, gossiping and eating for 8 hours!

A lot to come soon but the most important of all is the convention itself! Stay tuned!

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