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Just One Teen Trying To Bring The Community Together Through A Shared Passion

by z3CarGaragez
March 9, 2010

If you gave a survey to a group of teenagers on books or reading it's very likely that most if not all of them would tell you that they are not interested or that they don't like to read. To me, a 15 year old who loves reading with a passion, this is preposterous. I just can't see how someone wouldn't love the joy reading gives and the escape that you can find. To me reading is a gift, something to be treasured and I wish that more teenagers saw the value of reading. Too much time is spent on computers playing games, chatting, watching TV, and in general not doing very much, valuable time that could be spent reading a good book.

One day I hope to become a writer, I want to be the author that children and teens all over are raving about. I want to be that author whose book you just can't put down, the one that could change your life with just a few hundred thousand words or so. I also want more teens to become involved in reading, and not just teens, a lot of adults don't like to read either and I really would like to change this.

The first step that I have taken is to create an Official BookCrossing Zone at my local library in hopes that others will find the whole BookCrossing experience as enthralling as I do. I would love to bring the community together through reading and passing book along, setting them free, and following where they go forever. I think this is an amazing concept and I wish that more people knew about it and participated in it. I've told many of my friends, my parents friends, and so many others, just trying to get the word out, just trying to spread the love of books and I really hope that this works. I think just getting even a few more people involved really would be a dream come true. I can only hope that this story ends 'happily ever after' for me and the rest of my community and that the love of books and reading can be passed along to others.

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