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corner corner Interlude at postal outlet

My Knowledgeable Postal Clerk

by uppity
February 13, 2010

I was at the Post Office this morning mailing some books to my grandsons.
A woman walked up to the clerk and said, "Someone forgot a book.

The clerk took it with a big smile and said, "No you can have the book. A woman comes here and leaves books all the time." The conversation then went like this.

Customer: For us to read in the line-up?

Clerk: No for you to take it, read it and leave it where ever you like. Then the book can travel.

Customer: How weird.

Clerk: No, it's a way to share books with people who may otherwise not read it and to promote literacy.

Customer: Oh then I'll take it.

Clerk: Great!
She was smiling all the way through the conversation. She is the same clerk who always says to me, "Books again and would you like stamps?"

I would say BookCrossing life is good. I hope that the customer is intrigued enough to go into the website journal the book.

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