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Classroom Corner Winner December 2009

by BCNewsletter
December 14, 2009

I’m always looking for my next mark. An unsuspecting professor that assigns an “open” assignment is always my favorite.

First there was an English professor who assigned an autobiography paper. It wasn’t hard to choose a topic, I would write about how books influenced my life and how I have become a BookCrosser as an adult. I didn’t get the reaction I was looking for there. While she raved about my paper, I didn’t get a single question about BookCrossing, much to my disappointment.

My Computer Science professor assigned a practice Power Point presentation to be handed in prior to our term papers, the topic was up to our discretion. I chose the history of BookCrossing. I received an A but again, I didn’t get the result I was looking for: the professor, on the edge of her seat, begging for more information about BookCrossing or thanking me profusely for opening their eyes to their next great hobby.

Last week my Mythology professor started a dialogue with me that may very well change his life; he just doesn’t know it yet. Before class began I was reading a copy of Life of Pi by Yann Martel. He asked if I was enjoying the book as he has thought about reading it but was hesitant. After giving my honest opinion of the book, he seemed more interested. I’m now dedicating every free moment to finishing this book so I can innocently offer it to my professor with a small stipulation, he’ll need to help it travel when he’s finished. “What do you mean by travel?” He’ll ask. That’s when I will launch into my well-rehearsed speech about the wonders of BookCrossing.

The speech always changes based on the listener. This kind soul has been good enough to share his experiences, traveling the globe, learning about other cultures, becoming one with his fellow brothers and sisters around the world and encouraging us to do the same. He also loves to use the word karma. His custom-designed speech will be sure to include the phrase, “Books change people, people change the world.” I’ll also mention making the whole world a library and of course I’ll pitch the fun of watching your books travel the globe as I point out that mine have made it to Europe, South America and Canada.

I can see it now: a new member, someone to discuss and trade books with. An insane gleam in my eye overshadows my even creepier smile. And then, momentarily, the daydream ends, remembering back to the failed attempts with the English and Computer Science professors. Never mind, this time will be different! I haven’t tried using a book before as bait. Plus, he approached me about the book, dialogue has already begun. It's only natural to offer the book when I finish reading it. The daydream resumes: he’s joined BookCrossing, has finished the book, left a glowing journal entry and is now offering the book to his next class, telling a group of thirty students about the wonders of BookCrossing. I will amass an army of bookworm minions and all will be right with the world!

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