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corner corner BookCrossers Team Up With Swedish Geocaching website

Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt, a world wide phenomenon like BookCrossing.

by Jozii
September 23, 2009

Just like BookCrossing, Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon. But where BookCrossers use books, Geocachers use GPS and hidden treasures, so called “caches”.

Armed with a GPS-receiver, Geocachers download coordinates online and set out to find caches that have been hidden all over the world. Upon finding a cache, which usually consists of a plastic box with a logbook and pencil inside, one writes name and date in the logbook. Later the find is also logged online, to keep track of which caches a person have found.

GeoBloggen is a Swedish fan site about Geocaching, which hosted a contest in August for the Swedish Geocaching community. And BookCrossing supported this by sponsoring the event! Because BookCrossing and Geocaching are both highly popular websites which have resulted in inspiring and unique real-life activities, GeoBloggen wants its readers to be aware of BookCrossing as well.

But that’s not the only way BookCrossing and Geocaching are related. Did you know that there are caches around the world that have been specifically set up to contain BookCrossing books? In these caches, people who enjoy both hobbies are encouraged to take BC books and leave new ones.

If you find geocaching interesting and want to learn more, visit the official website http://geocaching.com. For Swedish BookCrossers and Geocachers, don’t forget to also visit GeoBloggen to meet other geocachers from your country.

Thank you BookCrossing for supporting Geocaching!

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