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corner corner Why I Hate the Internet but Love BookCrossing

by klingonlover
July 16, 2009

I see BookCrossing as a website that does the opposite of what most websites do. Most websites take away from the written word; literature becomes blog entries, established authors become screen names, and vivid descriptions of emotion are replaced with emoticons.

Often times I find the Internet to be a watered-down, eye-watering inducing alternative to reading an actual book. I felt a moral conflict at my previous job when we started selling electronic books. Every time a customer asked me about these electronic alternatives to books I couldn't help but cringe. BookCrossing is one of the few websites that has managed to help keep books in print despite the trendy, "eco friendly" schemes to snuff them out.

There are things about books that I love: the smell of an old used book, the fact that other people have passed their eyes over the same page I have, the conversations that are begun based on the book I am carrying in my arm. It's these small, cultural, romantic and beautiful moments associated with my books that I love so much. I can think of many books that have changed my life in huge ways. I can only think of one website that has changed my life (not counting my Facebook addiction). That website is BookCrossing.

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