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A Norwegian Student Digs Deeper into the Reading Taste of BCers

by MushuMarit
June 18, 2009

I am doing a Masters Degree in Literary Publishing at the University of Oslo and am now hoping to examine one of the biggest second hand book recyclers on the planet - BookCrossing! I am studying the use of BookCrossing in Norway the last 5 years to see if and how the titles of books registered relate to the public library top title lists. I hope to find out how much of a social phenomenon BookCrossing is in Norway and if its global design means its users are more educated, or if they have a different "taste" than the average library user. Hopefully I will show how social web spaces have an influence on the consumption of books and why BookCrossing is expanding. My thesis will also study the economy of the gift, literary taste, distribution and new social meeting places. I hope to have everything completed by the end of May 2010, when I can report back what I find.

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