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BookCrossers always do the right thing :)

by lizzyblack
May 5, 2009

Fa’ la cosa giusta could be translated into “Do the right thing”, and it point on how to avoid consumerism and find a better way of living. In a particular way it is referred on a different choice of buying products, based not on the tastes of the average people, but focusing on some particular subjects on how the product has been produced (care of the environment, ethical treatment of the employees, use of biological substances, and so on).

Last March, the Fiera Milanocity hosted this fair, giving chances to this style of life to be noticed, and BookCrossing has been invited as considered a nice way to spread the culture and approach people to reading, so something somehow matching the goal of the fair.

During the 3 days of the fair, a lot of BookCrossers offered to attend the BC stand to give information, register books, release them (a lot of whom did it “face to face”, explaining what is BookCrossing even to those who didn’t dare walk towards the stand ;))

Eventually, it was a success! (No doubts on it, anyway :P) Visitors seemed more than inclined to know more about BookCrossing, and we must say that many of those who promised to register the book, really did it! More than 900 books were released, and we have almost 100 catches up to now!!!

I guess we can really say that, accepting this chance, we did the right thing ;)

P.S. As always, a big thank you goes to the BookBrossers who volunteered on the stand for 3 whole days! BookCrossing would be nothing without great people!

Falacosagiusta, fiera Milano City, the site: http://falacosagiusta.org/milano/home.php
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