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How a release alert 4 years ago helps a complete stranger

by KathyS
February 9, 2009

Over 4 years ago I released a book at a holiday villa we stayed in on the outskirts of Alhaurin el Grande in Spain. Recently, I received an email from a complete stranger asking me what I thought about the villa as she's about to go and stay there.

At first I was a little concerned - how did this random stranger get my email and know about me? Then she mentioned BookCrossing and added a link to where she'd found me which was the journal entry for the book I'd released all those years ago. It would appear that the lady and her partner had won a 2 week holiday on eBay and had Googled the villa's name. The only page on the whole World Wide Web to come up was my BookCrossing entry for a book I had released at the villa all those years ago!

It seems that from the journal entry, she linked to my BookCrossing shelf where I give some contact information in my profile. She'd decided to use the information to find out if the villa did actually exist! She was concerned because all she had was my journal entry and the eBay seller's word that there would be somewhere to stay in Spain when she arrived. She didn't want to fly to Spain only to find that she'd been conned! I was able to confirm that, indeed, it was a very nice place to stay and now she is able to look forward to her holiday without any worries - and all because of BookCrossing!

The lady has promised to keep in touch and let me know how her holiday went. I'm just hoping that she will be able to report back on my book and tell me if it is still enjoying the sunshine on the villa's bookshelf. It would be an added bonus, of course, if she read it and journalled it - well, I can live in hope!

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