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corner corner That funny feeling...

The first book we caught

by pandapal
February 9, 2009

That funny feeling that comes in the bottom of your stomach when you actually walk off with your first BookCrossing book -- can any of you hardened BookCrossers remember what that was like?

The furtive glances around to make sure that no-one thinks you are just lifting it for fun. The overcoming of that inbuilt resistance that you have to taking something for nothing, well at least inbuilt for people of my age anyway. The conversation with the others with you to ensure that this is real and that this solid book is asking you to take it home.

This is followed by the mounting excitement when you realise this could be fun. That there is an entire army of people all over the world just releasing books for free for other people to read and that you have a ton of books you would like other people to enjoy as much as you did. This restores your faith in the human race and you rush to the car and can't wait to get home to your computer to find out where the hell this book came from. You log in to BookCrossing and once there there you are in another entire universe populated by book freaks like yourself not only reading but actually releasing books into the world. How fab! It was worth the enormous queue in the coffee shop just to discover this.

These random thoughts reveal that I am a BookCrossing virgin, no longer of course, the seduction is complete.

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