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Being Raised by BookCrossers

by needywriter
August 31, 2005

I recently gave birth to my first and only child, Ahjeiza Eliana Adrian. When I found out I was pregnant, it came to me as a surprise, since I was a career woman beginning to set roots at a school as a high school teacher and English department chairperson. I felt well established at the school with a group of wonderful professionals who became friends. A child was definitely not in the works. But those are the blessings that God grants, usually at His time and not ours.

As a teacher, I taught that learning never ends but continues in different areas of life. With the knowledge of my pregnancy, I put into practice my own philosophy of education and delved into learning all I could about nutrition, excercise, safe entertainment, and the development of the baby in my womb. But I could not have done it without so many other BookCrossers. I searched the archives of BookCrossing.com and found many books that presented the information I needed for a healthy pregnancy. I narrowed these books down to those that applied to my experience, and then contacted BookCrossers around the nation who were interested in trading books. It was amazing! People not only wanted to share their books with me, but shared their own experiences and advice-- a reare combination of textbook-education and education by other mothers and fathers.

My baby was born on May 25, a healthy and happy baby, and I am thankful to all the BookCrossers who helped me through the nine months of changes, excitement, fears, and experiences. As Ahjeiza grows day by day, I continue to seek books that pertain to her age, and some for future reference. Through BookCrossing, I have been able to find titles and review books that can help me continue to learn. I have found men and women who not only share their books, but share a part of their lives with Ahjeiza and me. She is definitely a BookCrossing Baby.

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