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corner corner My first BC week

My first impressions from BookCrossing

by bookfriend3
November 20, 2004

About a week ago, there was an article in the daily newspaper about BC. It catched my attention right away. Letting books out in the wild, free them, what an idea! And then connecting all actions through Internet! Wow!
I had to try the BookCrossing website at once and I like it a lot. The idea of sharing books, to make each other happy with books, to fill the world with books, where books are free to everybody, where you can just drop by some place and discover a book that you would never have got otherwise, yes, how fascinating!

So, of course I registered to the BC community and then right away I started to register the first books and released one of it. It was "Message in a bottle" and I thought this was to be the first one. Not a bottle to be found, but a book to be found! Where may it be now? Maybe one day I will know. I like the thought of it that somebody is enjoying reading it.

So, then later on, I registered more books and let them travel. This first week I released 11 books. One book was found by anonymous finder who left an journal entry. What a good feeling! One of my books has actually been found by somebody who paced trace in the internet! I was delighted!
And the next day, I was lucky and catched a book by myself after having seen the release alert.

It was a strange feeling to go to the indicated place and actually see the book there.

I am happy with my first BC week. It is fun and it is something good we do. Reading is great. Sharing this pleasure together is rewarding! And I also like the thought that BC is connecting people from everywhere. It's an international community, people just like and enjoy it all over the world!

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