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corner corner Attention Pool Moms!

by mcwheltle
July 22, 2004

This is a great time to start a Bookcrossing Zone at your local pool. I just registered 60+ books that were either mine or inherited from a sister who doesn't have the time to register the books.

I placed the books in a big box under the bulletin board where I posted an article about Bookcrossing. Since each book is marked with a post-it and bookplate, I thumbtacked the bookmarks to the board encouraging people to take the bookmarks even if they didn't like the selection of books available. Today's box has only adult books in it but the kids are culling through their personal bookshelves so that tomorrow we can add a box of books for kids to take home and read.

We have a big swim meet on Saturday so these books may be going home with members of the other swim club. Knowing how boring swim meets can be, I suspect the box may be emptied by the time the kids get wet for the relay races.

Summertime is a great time to do some housecleaning projects. Empty those bookshelves, register the books and set them free! If your BC Zone is successful, you may be getting some new books to fill up the bookshelves.

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