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corner corner Putting The Need Into Read

Satisfy The Craving

by sapphy54
May 13, 2004

While talking to my oldest son today, I made mention that I was in the bookstore looking around, possibly shopping. He returned my statement by asking me "why are you in a book store?" While finding that a strange questions I quickly answered by explaining that I "have" to read.

Well he found that rather strange and proceeded to explain to me that I don't "have" to read; in fact he only reads when he has to as in the case of directions, instructions, bills, as much minor reasons as possible. He further stated that he could think of so many other interesting things to do than to read.

Only one thought ran through his mind when I mentioned reading. Being a woman he immediately assumed that the only thing I read are romance stories that a third grader could probably get through during one recess or free time at school and he saw no earthly reason in the world why anyone would waste their time on such nonsense.

It occured to me that even though he is my son, whom I love dearly, he is absolutely clueless to the thousands of subject reading that is out there on the market today, that he is so clueless himself to what reading can actually do for a person. He has no conception of how wonderful it is to be able to sit down with a book (whatever your reading taste) and to have that book open your mind, in some cases your heart and be left with nothing less that a terrible thirst for more of the same.

It was not until that conversation with him that I suddenly realized that when I told him I "have" to read, just how true that statement was, not just figure of speech. Suddenly it dawned on me that I actually have that thirst no different from someone who would thirst for fame, fortune, stardom.

Through books, I have been to beautiful places, I have traveled back to the past. I have experienced what it is like to live in different times, to be of the culture, the enviroment. I have been able to be in the mind of a child during the worst time of life, enduring so much pain that I felt the tears cried. I have known good, bad, hateful, heartful. I have read of human nature, or torture and triumph, of sorrow and wonderment. I have been able to laugh, cry, mourn with so many other people and all through books. I have grown to get answers to so many questions I have asked in my life. I have also read to see vengeance gained, lives lost, wars fought and won.

Through books all who open the pages will find at least one thing they can relate to in their life. I think that people who read with passion are looking to have the chance to live through somone else's time, experience, era.

So yes, I would have to say that I do "have" to read just like I have to breath, to live, to learn. Serious readers just don't open books, we create a portol in which we can be consumed if only for that short time where we can become, where we can be that character. For all readers alike, it is never a question of why we read, but that we "have" to read; because if we do not then we stop existing.

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