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corner corner Qwik-List of Releasing Ideas

A handy-dandy list of places to release books for on-the-go BookCrossers!

by gwenhwyvar
February 2, 2004

Ever wish that you could remember all the nifty places to release books? Want those nifty places in a handy list format to print out and carry with you always? Well here it is folks — your very own Qwik-List of Releasing Ideas:

  • Vending machines (in the slot, on top of smaller-sized ones)
  • Grocery stores (try doing themed releases- like a children’s book on cows in the dairy section)
  • Restaurants (on tables/chairs in either the dining part of the restaurant, on benches outside/in waiting room )
  • Telephone booths (inside ones with the doors, on top of ones without doors in a plastic bag)
  • Malls (benches, by potted plants, bathrooms, left on tables at the food court)
  • Libraries (bathrooms, on tables, slipped in with the returns)
  • Coffee shops (on tables, by windows, in bathrooms)
  • Gas stations (in bathrooms, on top of gas pumps — in baggie)
  • Bus/train/subway (on benches/seats, propped up on windows, on info desk, in free newspaper rack)
  • Nail/hair salons (on seats, mixed in with magazines)
  • Doctor/dentist office (thrown at them when leaving, on seats, mixed in with mags)
  • Bowling alleys (seats, bathrooms)
  • Parks (on benches/statues/random jogger)
  • Gyms (on help/welcome desk, or on machines…in a baggie…)
  • Hotels (seats, by TV in lobby, on desk, vending machines)
  • Movie theaters
  • Business buildings (by doors, on windows/desks)
  • Zoos (benches, windows)
  • ATMs
  • OBCZ (Official BookCrossing Zone)
  • Benches
  • Telephone poles (wrapped in plastic bag and taped to them with electrical tape or duct tape)
  • Court House (lawn, on steps, waiting chairs)
  • Monuments (propped up against)
  • Hospitals (chairs, benches, propped up on windows)
  • Kiddy rides (at Wal-mart, mall)
  • Conventions/conference centers (according to type)
  • Water fountains (on the shelf above the spout — a baggie might be helpful here)
  • Free Newspaper stands
  • Fitting rooms (on the seats, propped up against the walls, slid underneath to another fitting room occupant)
  • Veterinary Clinic (again, try a themed release. Maybe a book on dog care?)

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