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corner corner The Other Thing that Happened on 9-11

How one BookCrosser's mother learned about the generosity of our community

by N8an
February 2, 2004

Although my mother has always had a lot on her plate to try to deal with (myself, I'm sure, being no small part of that), she has a history of not saying anything about it. A couple of years ago, I spoke with her on the telephone shortly before her birthday, and I felt a little helpless hearing the tears in her voice.

You see, my mother was born on September 11th. She hardly celebrates her birthday anymore; with the media pushing reminders of those awful events, I'm sure she said nothing at all about her birthday to any of her friends.

Last year, in the forums, it was being discussed if we should perhaps do something for the anniversary of September 11th — release books at particular locations, for example. I mentioned, purely in passing, that my plans were to call my mother, wish her a happy birthday, and rack my brain for something else she could do to make the day her own again.

Within a few hours, my in-box filled with private messages from people from all over, fellow bookcrossers asking me for my mother's address — so they could mail her BookCrossing books for her birthday. "What kind of books does she like?" people asked.

Last year, my mother cried on her birthday again.

But in a completely different way.

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