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BookCrossing got me out of the house when nothing else could

by oldreader
February 3, 2004

March 2002 was a low energy point for me. As a cancer patient, I was recuperating from the effects of radiation treatment, and that was a good excuse to read more than ever.

One day I came across a Book Magazine article on bookcrossing, and it piqued my curiosity. I went to the website and I was immediately hooked. Free books! That sounded great to a non-stop reader like me, and the notion of freeing my books, which I had been doing for years without ever knowing their fate, was an even better idea. I had thought I might get rid of a few extras, and instead have purchased even more for reading and releasing.

Going out to release and hunt for books got me back out of the house and involved again. All it took was BookCrossing to return me to my more outgoing lifestyle that I enjoyed before the treatments.

Since then have encouraged friends and family to join BookCrossing, and have helped to set up crossing zone at a local coffee shop. The rush is still there whenever I find a book or go hunting, and the joy of spreading the bookcrossing word will never cease.

These days, I'm not thinking too much about my recent illness. Instead, wherever I am, and whatever I'm doing, I have my eyes open for that lost book, waiting for a finder.

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